Beijing: Party history learning education achievements into epidemic prevention and control

Original title: The first-line Party flag of the fighter waves fluttering this reporter Chen Qiang virus is awkward, the epidemic is repeated.

  In this "biggest global crisis since World War I, there is a group of people, they have never retired, take the initiative, the charge before," they once "ready to be the party and the people" vows, they have dare Strong spiritual power that fights, dare to win, and uncomfortable. They are the party members of the Communist Party of China, in the epidemic prevention and control, use the day and night, forget me to dedicate, let the fresh red party flag flutter in the fighter. When I heard, the party members first took the morning on October 22nd, when Li Yan learned that the diagnosis of the case of diagnosis in Hongfuyuan Community, she immediately went out, the first time rushed to Hongfuyuan Community Support, secretly protective clothing , Cannot see the outline of the party emblem.

  Li Yan is the Director of the Party Group Office of Hongfu Group, and she has been sticking to the Hongfuyuan community.

Residents’ needs, trivial and heavy, Li Yan sleeps no more than 4 hours a day.

On the second day of the first line of the community epidemic prevention, Li Yan’s husband Meng Xue also added to the ranks of the epidemic prevention volunteers.

Every day, the two people fight, behind the protective clothing, all written "Come on!" On October 24th, the first community in Xideyuan, Fengtai District was included in the sealing, control area, Majiabao The director of the community neighborhood committee, the party committee secretary came to support. Every day he travels back and forth for the residents to transport materials, the clothes under the protective clothing are wet, dry and wet.

Putting the Ocean and community workers all thumbs up. "Yu Yang has always lived in the neighborhood committee, which is the first time to solve the residents’ appeal." On November 2, Long Zeyuan Street Cadres Chen Fei as an epidemic prevention team Enter Tiantong Beiyuan Second Community Support Epidemic Prevention and Control.

Later, her husband Wang Hao also came to the community with a colleague of Changping City Management Committee, responsible for the heaviest of epidemic prevention mission. Last Tuesday is in a hurry at the hotel, this is the first time they have met in one and a half months.

  Li Yan and Meng Xue, Chen Fei and Wang Hao, they adhere to the epidemic prevention and control first line, Shang Xiaoshi can only entrust to the elderly.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, Li Yan, Chen Fei’s tears were because of thought of children. What is the driving force to support them? Li Yan said that I hope that everyone will support her peace. They are those who are not afraid of sacrifice for the people, "I think this is the power of faith."

Li Yan said.

  Chen Fei said: "Children think about me, I also want him, but I have a communist party member, and I can’t fall in the chain when I am the most energetic," said that the movie he just finished "Changjin Lake "

Compared with them, I have a hard work.

As a party member, the critical moment must be rushing.

"… Not only they, in Changping, in Fengtai, in Haidian, in the position of the city’s epidemic prevention and control, many Communist Party members were in front of everyone, for many small family happiness reunions, they do their best.

  If you don’t have a people, you must join the Chinese Communist Party, support the party’s program, follow the party’s charter, fulfill the party’s obligation … "Recently, revisit the voice of the party’s oath, echoing in a sealing community. One party branch, nail in an epidemic prevention, gathering the power of party members, residents, must have.

  At 2:52 in the morning of November 4, Zhang Lin, member of the party member volunteers of Hongfuyuan, rang, she slammed the eye, Hong Fuyuan "pregnant women group", one message – "I feel so happy. Can you contact Vehicles and Hospitals as soon as possible? "Zhang Lin immediately bounced from the simple bed, and called the Congfuyuan community epidemic prevention and control Joint Party branch, contacting the family doctor, coordinating 120 ambulance transport.

After 40 minutes, 120 ambulances opened to the pregnant woman.

At 7:58 in the morning, a healthy female baby gave birth.

Zhang Lin is very big, "" Welcomes new life, he predicts new hopes.

"Hongfuyuan is a large community, and there are more than 30,000 residents in the 117 building.

Hong Fuyuan community epidemic prevention and control Joint Party branch organized party members established 159 WeChat groups in the first time, "building group" "living in the old group" "purchase pharmaceutical supply group" "pet group" … each 24 hours "order" in the group, is needed.

"We must carefully handle every appeal of the residents. Only the no effort to serve the people, it is worthy of party membership.

"Party member volunteers said. After the last epidemic, Haidian related communities quickly set up the" Battle Flag Party Branch ", subdivided demand, and must be.

This time, "Battle Flag" is once again. Street organs, community health service center medical staff, police station police, community party volunteers, etc. from party members from different fields quickly assemble, in addition to completing the nucleic acid detection of residents in the sealing community, the party members also One-on-one-door service community living in a community, empty nest, and special needs. More than just epidemic sealing communities, in the city’s vaccination points, also active the figure of party members, responding to residents’ demands.

  I want to play "strengthen the needle", Xicheng District Yuetan Street West Terminal Community, the residents of 1993, Li Xinghua, a little hard, his family is in Chang’an Street, in the north of Chang’an Street, I have walked two kilometers. He didn’t expect that his own difficulties, the streets of the streets have already remembered that "the old vaccination of the old vaccination" opened every day; in the inoculation point of the door trench area, the professional psychologist opened "psychological counseling room", at any time to answer the consultation Soothing tension; a vaccination point is set up, the volunteer is in a pair of vaccination … A small thing, responding again and again, the Communist Party members use practical actions to practice "services for people to serve the people" purpose. Scientific policy, anti-epidemic in the early morning, the city’s CDC Yang Peng opened the curtains, kneaded the eyes full of blood, and he did a good job in chasing viruses.

In the first 10 days of the first epidemic in Changping District, he only slept more than two hours every day, and fully trail the virus.

  "Every evidence has to go through a constant touch investigation, even if it takes a long time.

Yang Peng said that sometimes it is unwilling to communicate, even concealed, resisting the staff, he and colleagues patiently communicate, achieve the trust of the other party, and carry out the stream. "Difficult to be big.

"Yang Peng said, dare to fight, dare to win, is a powerful spiritual force that the Chinese Communist Party is unable to win.

  Precision traceability, scientific prevention and control, quickly block the virus’s propagation chain. The epidemic repeated, this city has strictly delineates the risk zone, setting the sealing area, control area, prevention zone, and implementing the management measures of refinement, coordinating the prevention and control of the epidemic, which effectively controls the epidemic. Nored too much impact on the life of the public.

Not only that, in the face of cooling, guarantee, this city has also quickly deployed "heating" "exemption of vegetables to enter the transaction fee" to ensure the life of the public.

  For more than half a month, good news continues. Since the last week, there have been multiple partial districts. At 9 o’clock in the morning of the 11th, Haidian District School Road, Xiwangzhuang Community, except for 2 units, and the remaining three units were relieved, and a red banner was hanging on the neutral threshold – "As long as everyone is in the city, there is no winter. Will pass.

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