Relax your body and create a stylish YOGA woman

Relax your body and create a stylish YOGA woman

In a busy city, the charm of yoga is that it is just a way for us to relax our body, and it is easier for us to regain the peace and quiet of our soul.

  Simple yoga that can be practiced at home often feels soreness in eyes, cervical spine, lower back and wrists?

Before you fall asleep every day, you only need to take more than ten minutes to do a few simple yoga movements, which will not only help you soothe soreness, but also allow you to breathe and sleep peacefully.

  1. Cross and straighten your hands, lean towards the inside of the body, and help relax the tightness of the wrist and shoulder muscles.

  2. Hands are tied up and down on the back, or folded on the hips, which is good for moving the shoulder joint.

  3, sit cross-legged, forward and forward, trying to stretch backwards, moving the cervical spine.

  4, cross-legged or stretched, the body stretched forward to the limit to help the waist and back cone movement.

The above actions can be alternated left and right, each doing eight to ten consecutive times.