Chen Amei pretends to be very tugging,Shaking“tui”,Chin up。Tian Lu was amused by her funny expression,I wanted to ask clearly,But can’t help“Arrogant”,Ignore her,Let it be。

Back to the bedroom,Drop the backpack。
Thinking that the stinky tofu package failed,Fortunately, there are chestnuts I bought before,The taste of chestnut is similar to that of sweet potato,Sweet and powdery,Rely on it for supper。So she stopped thinking about going downstairs in the middle of the night to buy supper,Eating midnight snacks is not hygienic and easy to gain weight,Just find an excuse and reason to lose weight。
Ugh,People are eating,Is watching,I can’t lose weight,Otherwise, one fat will ruin everything。
Tian Lu was thinking wildly all night,Not thinking about applying,I think of the various encounters in the previous job search sites,Is very unsatisfactory。
Sum up a sentence,If a person does not have a skill, there is no place to stand。High-end talent,And the scarce talents of this era are the scarcity of enterprises、Luxury,Hard to find,in contrast,Average talent,No place available,Like a stall,Picking up and choosing and still showing disgust。
and so,Tian Lude positioned herself well,Must improve ability,Have a place in the high-end market。
First211chapter Change face
Shenglan International Optoelectronics has a good reputation in Xinkai District,Be cautious about this job。There is always a sense of ceremony before looking for a job,“Makeover”It’s required。
B&B Commercial Street in Chentang Village,Tian Lu made an ion iron,Five hours,After finishing,The whole person feels very light head,Hair as light as silk,Like no hair on the head。
Changing a hairstyle is like changing the image of a person,Tian Lu is satisfied。
Next to the barber shop is a skin care and beauty experience house,The signboard in front of the door says the experience price88.8,Free face wash、Skin care、Facial mask、Emollient etc.。The price is reasonable,Tian Lu wiped her face,The skin gets worse,Not dry,Leave the price alone,Grit your teeth,walk into。
Isn’t there an ad called“Maintenance is the same,No maintenance is old”Is it?Face less than thirty years old,Must have a young attitude。
After communicating with the waiter,Lying on the mask chair,Waiting for service。
She thought it was just a few skin care procedures,Unexpectedly, the beautiful women who came in to welcome each other while doing skin care,non-stop“Bombing”Propaganda,Hand massage on face plus skin care,Can’t help but introduce products。
The beautician is realistic,Once the customer’s voice is motivated to purchase the product,The massage technique and the amount of lotion will be much more detailed,Otherwise once I hear you say that I want to rest for a while,Ask the waiter to be silent,The waiter’s skin care techniques will slow down,Oil in all aspects、water、Milk will be sloppy。
Facial cleansing and skin care are so expensive,Thought it took a big advantage,There was additional promotion。Tian Lu profoundly experienced a major reversal of the attitude of the beautician、From happy face to change of attitude immediately,Customers do not plan to buy in-store products,Changing faces is faster than turning a book,A sentence:There is no free lunch。One more sentence can also be used,Called cheap but not good。
Enjoy the skincare service of a beautician while lying on the skincare chair,And the cheap experience fee can be enjoyed so easily,Tian Lu didn’t plan to buy in-store products,Conceivable,This experience is like“Suffer”,Simple process,Cleansing sloppy,How to talk about the absorption effect of hydration,I might as well take care of skin care at home。
Sales and passion in the beautician“service”under,Finally finished the facial,The advertisement above is about paying an experience price,Enjoy twice for free。