Now we have started the construction of the second phase of the project!

After the new year,The project of the Beijing Water Dragon Pavilion has also resumed construction,It is expected that the first phase of the project will be capped next month!
Preparations have been made for the planting and breeding of Chinese medicine in Anyuan, my hometown.,When the weather is warm, it will start to operate!
Everything is moving in a good direction,Except for high mountain leukemia, it still looks like that。
I have been studying when I have time recently,Those formulas and medical books that Mr. Zhang left me。
I hope to find a way to treat alpine leukemia!
Broad Spirit of Chinese Medicine,Even the terminal illnesses considered by Western medicine can be cured by Chinese medicine!
Leukemia should also have a certain method of treatment,It’s just that the description and naming of this disease in ancient times should be completely different from now。
So it increases the difficulty of finding!
In the process of researching these formulas and medical books,I have a more comprehensive and profound understanding of Chinese medicine。
Chinese medicine is really a very magical knowledge and skill!
The more you learn,The more you will find yourself shallow!
I’m a little obsessed with this knowledge and skill,And had a strong idea to be a doctor in the future!
This is an idea never before,It seems that people’s ideas are always changing!
Chen Xin still didn’t contact me,I can’t reach him either。
The investigations of Zhang Teng and Zhou Hong have made progress。