Wang Lin on the phone did not speak,Seems to be thinking about problems。It took a full minute or two for her to say:“You come and pick me up to Mr. Xiao’s grave,Then let your people,Give me a feasible plan。No, let’s go to Pingdu tomorrow,If it works,I will invest early”

“what!Really!If this is the case,That would be great”Xia Jian yelled happily。
Wang Lin took a breath on the phone and said:“I’m here this time,Is about investigating。If your project is good,Why should I vote for others?This is called fat water does not flow to outsiders’ fields。But you have to remember,Don’t talk about this,We can go to Pingdu for the two of us tomorrow”
“Ok!I wrote it all down,Just tell Mr. Xiao for a while”Xia Jian finished,So he hung up the phone。Because of this,Already very good,He is afraid that he will make mistakes。
Xiao Xiao saw Xia Jian so happy,Asked in a hurry:“what’s the situation,Tell me quickly”
Xia Jian told Xiao Xiao all the things he talked with Xiao Xiao just now.。Xiao Xiao,Really happy。She smiled and said:“Did not expect the critical moment,Wang Lin saved us”
“Hey!You and I know this,After we come back from Bucheon tomorrow,It depends on the situation。You quickly arrange manpower,Make a feasibility report of this project”Xia Jian said he stood up and left。
Xiao Xiao saw that Xia Jian was leaving again,Can’t help but ask:“Where are you going?”
“Didn’t I tell you just now??I want to take Wang Lin to Mr. Xiao’s grave”Xia Jian said,Can’t help but shook his head。
Seeing Xia Jian so helpless,Xiao Xiao suddenly became angry,She stared and roared:“People are getting old,Memory decline is good?”Xia Jian took a look at Xiao Xiao,Turn around and run。
Wang Lin called the door of the villa,So Xia Jian’s jeep drove directly to the door of Wang Lin’s small courtyard。Women go out more slowly,Xia Jian has a deep understanding of this。When he knocked on the door to enter,Wang Lin is still dressing up。
Actually, with Wang Lin’s pretty face,And her eye-catching devil figure,Going out without dressing up will attract a lot of people’s attention。
Don’t look at Wang Lin living abroad,But she still has a special understanding of the domestic customs。She changed into a black dress,Even the coat is made of black mink。