Liao Wenjie stared at the ghost,理 都 没 没 小,We are afraid that she is shouting,Pursuit of pity,Decisive big red rope。

Xiaofeng this archers are very selling,Hit the foot of Liao Wenjie,Dramatics。
“so troublesome,I just fell too much.……”
Liao Wenjie,Red line,Empty humanoid silkworm cocoon on the girdle,Finally, Ansheng。
Let’s talk about the women’s ghosts,Liao Wenjie did not pay attention,When the small frost sounded,The world’s ghosts can appear before people,Unlike his world,No entity。
what reason,He can also guess,And Fenglin Building、The police station。Heaven and earth fog,The anger is too heavy,Very suitable for ghost survival。
The reason why the ghost king’s nine-tailed fox is arrogant,Under the world,Also let Yan Biansia abide by her rules,And the evil spirits of heaven and earth also have a big relationship。
World is chaotic。
Do not embrace evil,Humanity,People live in this world,It’s not as good as ghosts.。
Of course,Corruption,Great to the evil spirits,Directly related。
And then,Due to killing, the ghost,Due to the evil spirits to promote more evil spirits,Malignant cycle,Unspeakable。
Heaven and earth,Degrade,80% is also a human disaster。
Universal,Cui Jin gradually painted a doctor in front of the desk,Outside the window,Mo Zhen appeared to steal him。
It is clear that you can invisible,But she still reveals the entity……
What’s the meaning,Don’t say more。
Unfortunately,Cui Hong is getting popularity in painting,I don’t know if Into is intoxicated.,Still think of Mo Zhen voice smile,Indegrance can’t extricate,I didn’t pay attention to the front window.。
Mo Zhen is suffering,Send the opportunity to send,Wasted by him white。
After a moment,Cui Jin gradually puts down portrait,Remove the gauze from the arms,Finger,The appearance of the affectionate model seems to be a small hand of the girl。
Mo Zhen see the red heartbeat,While secretly happy,Always angry Cui Hong graduate not to face。
After three seconds,She is directly stealth,Only because Cui Jin gradually, he went to the next level on the way.,Pick up the white yarn。
“Pooh,lecher,I actually made this thinner……”
Mozhen is squatting on the window,Bite the teeth,I can find a gauze to play the pattern.,This is a portrait that is replaced with her seven or eight points.,Be。
Besides,I am outside the window.,Always stare at the painting and see what it means??
“Really,Don’t face it too much!”
I heard someone with someone,Mo Zhen, who is thinking, nodding,Continue to look at the window。
Pass a moment,Her body is stiff,I look at it next to it.,In the sight,A handsome bandit,Holding a golden sword,Smiley sunny。
Mo Zhen is all warm,I only feel that there is a cold light.,Although she is a ghost,But I also think that the other party is not a person.。
“Little lady,Side students are very tempting,right?”