Shanxi 6 institutions have been awarded 2021 province’s radio and television media integration development demonstration units

Yellow River News Network (Reporter Houjin) On December 10, the reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Radio and Television Bureau that six institutions such as Jincheng City, the province have recently been rated as a provincial radio and television media integration development demonstration unit, provincial radio and television The bureau will give funds reward support. These 6 institutions include Jincheng Municipal Municipal Media Center, Yizhen County Rong Media Center, Qinyuan County Rong Media Center, Qu Wah County Rong Media Center, Hertan Municipal Media Center and Yuequ County.

Linyi City Culture and Tourism Bureau, Changzhi City Culture and Tourism Bureau were rated as an excellent organization award for the selection of radio and television media integration development demonstration units in 2021.

The picture shows Jincheng Municipal Media Center. The picture is the Cultimed Media Center in Yinyuan County, which is the cultural media center of Qiwu County. The central map is the Hezhu County Rong Media Center. It is reported that in-depth implementation General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important discussion of media integration development, conscientiously implementing the decision-making deployment of the central and provincial committees on promoting media integration development, giving full play to the advanced typical demonstration leading role, promoting the depth integration of radio and television media in our province, 2021, Shanxi Broadcasting The Television Bureau continued to carry out the collection and selection activities of radio and television media integration development demonstration units.

Combined with the previous field quotation and online remote auditing, the Provincial Radio and Television Bureau has reviewed the application materials selected by the city and county, and the above six institutions are determined for the exemplary unit of our province’s radio and television media.

Provincial Radio and Television Bureau requires that the winning unit should further develop work ideas, innovative work methods, play a good demonstration leading role, and continue to achieve new breakthroughs in media integration development; other radio and television media units should combine their own work, actively study to demonstration units Strengthen empirical exchanges and its own construction, forming advanced media integration development, striving for typical, enhanced atmosphere; the province’s radio and television broadcast agencies should continue to deepen institutional mechanism reforms, promote management and operation innovation, strengthen content construction, Construction of integrated media communication platform, build a new mainstream medium, improve the full media communication pattern, carry out smart radio and television construction, enhance mainstream media public opinion guidance ability, meet the new needs of the people’s better life, and continue to promote the broad-range integration of this unit based on the radio and television media High quality development.

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