People’s Daily Social Responsibility Report (2020) [10]

X. Legal business responsibility is 2020, and the number of people’s daily issuance has risen, and the realization of 19 years of steady growth, the number of overseas version of the People’s Daily has achieved domestic, overseas "double growth", and the social response is good.

1. Compliance with the relevant laws and regulations People’s Daily Strictly comply with the rules and regulations issued by the Neticon, Press and Publication and other departments, and the legal specifications of the operational behavior. 2. Adhere to the two-point development of the people’s Daily and the social media strictly implement the "two-point opening" of the news report and business activities, and the news units are engaged in advertising and other business operations, and must not go to the mining department to create an income collection task. Engaged in advertising and other business activities.

3. Establish the advertising activities engaged in the illegal and illegal advertising people to adhere to the correct orientation, abide by laws, regulations, and establish a comprehensive advertising management system to implement advertising review responsibilities. Promote the reform of the social corporate company, strengthen the review of the social investment and financing projects, major matters decisions and the forum activities, and play the role of "double effective" assessment index system, and promote the continued healthy development of social enterprises.

In 2020, the People’s Daily Department did not receive relevant departments and organized administrative punishments and criticized criticism.

(Editor: Ji Yu Rui, Zhang Firan) Sharing makes more people to see.