Shijiazhuang refined oil market special rectification start

  Vigorously cleans up the special rectification of the refined oil market for unlicensed non-licensed black gas sites, starting from March 31, 2022, the city will carry out special rectification and black refueling problems in the refueling market, and vigorously clean up Take the refueling site, remove illegal storage sales to use the refined oil, and standardize the operation of the refined oil business enterprise.

  The refined oil market rectification, especially black oil problems, and the provincial capital of ecological environment protection, and the people of the public, the Party Central Committee, and the State Council have listed them as an important part of ecological environmental inspections. The city’s special rectification and black oil problems were concentrated as an important task of winning the Blue Sky Defense Battle. By severely cracking down on illegal manufacture, storage and selling fake refined oil, finished oil management enterprises to speculate, etc. Promote the healthy development of the gas station industry to further promote the construction of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei ecological environment support area, and make a positive contribution to the "retaining ten" air quality integrated index "ended below the end of the year. The action will be based on the principle of "centralized rectification and daily inspection", "rectification norms and construction and development,", through joint law enforcement supervision, increase the quality, measurement, safety, fire, environmental protection, taxation of the oil storage and gas stations The regulatory efforts of the aspects continue to maintain the illegal violations of illegal violations such as black gas sites, illegally adjusted gods, illegal oil sales points, illegal flow refueling tankers, illegal storage and use non-standard fuel and refueling oil business enterprises, etc. Realize the net purification market, standardize experience, and promote the development. Clean up the unlicensed unlicensed black gas station, including the "Find Oil Retail Management Approval Certificate" "Dangerous Chemical Business License" "Business License" is engaged in the operation of refined oil management.

With the logistics base, the freight vehicle parking lot and the seating area, the oil transport vehicle, the construction site is the focus, and severely crack down to the black gas station, illegal mobile fuel cars; shut down the illegal tone gear, illegal oil sales point. Clear illegal storage sales use of refined oil, including transportation, storage, sales, use refined oil and oil in accordance with national standards, "Chasing" "with fake", etc.; unauthorized construction of gas station, storage oil Tank, illegal storage of refined oil, illegal modified tanker, using illegal mobile refueling tanker sales of illegal violations. Standardize the business of refined oil business, including refined oil distribution enterprises, there is no sales, import, low-cost ticket, ticket separation, concerted ticket sales, account-only operation, and refined oil management enterprise tax return declaration Lower than actual sales, etc., strengthen the finished oil management of the product oil, urge the oil storage bank, and the gas station has improved the payment settlement, taxable according to law.

  From November 1st to December 31, it is a centralized investigation stage. At that time, counties (cities, districts) will be based on daily inspection, the clues of the mass report complaints and the leading special action, especially for black Gas station (point, car), in accordance with the general requirements of "full coverage, zero tolerance, strict law enforcement, heavy effectiveness" and "find it to play, open", to carry out the net type, horizontal to the side, vertical to the end Centralized investigation, find together, investigate and punctively, resolutely implement dynamic clearing, and strictly investigate and deal with other illegal violations, etc. At the same time, work desk accounts are established, clarify the responsible departments, responsible persons, and complete time limits, and implement sales number management.

For the suspected illegal and obstruct law enforcement in business activities, they will seriously investigate their legal responsibility.

(Reporter Jiao Li Li).