Advice to agricultural green development and advice (thinking about performances)

Original title: How to quickly promote agricultural mechanization and automation for agricultural green development and advice (performances) "is an important topic we are currently facing.

"In June this year, more than 300 professionals from the national facilities agriculture gathered in Liaoning Province, North Courier, Obmation, Exchange Snescut Production Light and Simplified Technology, Academician of the National Committee of the Chinese Academy, Academician Shenyang Agricultural University, Li Tianlai, one side While investigating the current problems. "Last year, Li Qi guided me to change the way of planting, I tried, saving time, effort, and production still did not lose!" This year’s entire greenhouses use this new technology! "The five-way houses of the North Show City, the modern agricultural science and technology demonstration garden, Wang Yushan, laughing," Li University will ask us to have any difficulties, what ideas, give us specific suggestions and guidance, very serious, meticulous, Let us benefit a lot.

"North Courier City Vegetable Station Webmaster Liu Changchun feels:" Li Shangshi is too helpful to us! Survey guidance every year. Our Solar Greenhouse Industry achieved the economic development under the guidance of the Junan Team, and the city’s third-generation high-standard sunlight room has exceeded 10,000 mu.

"I am a farmer’s son, and I have made a lifetime with agricultural research, understand what farmers need, and what needs for agricultural development.

"As a member of the National Committee of the CPPCC, Li Tianlai’s eyes have always focused on agricultural development and farmers’ difficult, regarding the peasant endorses as their duties, in the field, greenhouse studio research, guidance, experiment, is his work.

"He often under the grassroots level, you can’t live!" Yu Chaoying, a deputy research man of Shenyang Agricultural University Horticultural College, said that Li Ji said that he should write the paper on the land of the motherland. His physical strength is deeply influenced by every research worker around me. Li Tianlai submitted the national CPPCC proposal, mostly surrounded my country’s agricultural development and farmers to get rich.

This year, the country is two sessions, Li Tianlai has submitted a number of proposals on agriculture with the identity of the first proposal.

High standard farmland construction is the focus of Li Tian.

In order to solve the high-standard farmland project construction, after the establishment of a high-standard farmland construction policy insurance mechanism, including high-standard farmland construction policy insurance mechanism, including the insurance company’s high-standard farmland construction project commercial insurance, insurance companies participate in project supervision, reasonably determine the insurance period, classes farmland Repair responsibility, etc. "High-standard farmland construction has necessary management fee support, in order to better play the role of ensuring food security and promote sustainable development of agriculture.

"Accelerate green development, protect the quality and safety of agricultural products, involving many aspects, among which green production is the top priority. "Li Tianlai believes that long-term, traditional agricultural production" big fertilizer, big water, big medicine "has promoted high-yield, increased benefits, as well as agricultural products, high quality, good variety of anti-doctors, lack of production technology, not in place Waiting for the problem, making the crop green production risk, high difficulty, affecting the enthusiasm of producers. In this regard, Li Tian is suggesting that strengthening crop product species and green production technology innovation, implementing crop green production efficiency promotion project. In addition, build green Certification, regulatory, serving the whole industry chain tube control system, promoting the green production of crops in my country.

  "To make farmers to use, you can use it, you can use it, you have to make your head." Li Tianlai and his team committed to turning the daylight greenhouse into "rich shed", in recent years, the team will organize science and technology to organize the poverty alleviation, in poor counties The technical training course is held in the district. In Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Yunnan and other places to carry out precision poverty alleviation, help more than 400 difficulties in achieving removal. The first generation of modern energy-saving sunlight greenhouse production technology will achieve scale promotion during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and promote the improvement of the ribbon vegetables.

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