3 airlines launched Huijun Policy to the army and relatives

Recently, the relevant departments of the Ministry of Military Commission and the southern airlines, Hainan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines signed an agreement, launch the military personnel and relatives’ purchase ticket, cost reduction, exclusive equity, etc. Huijun policy. From August 1st, the first batch of Huijun piloted on the line of the military travel platform independently developed by the Logistics Security Department of the Military Commission.

Since 2017, the Military Commission’s logistics affordable department will actively implement the requirements of the "Building Perfect Military Honor System System" requirements, and open military personnel in the railway station, civil aviation airport and port, highway passenger station Priority channel according to law.

To continuously deepen this work, they coordinate relevant airlines to provide exclusive services for military personnel and relatives, exclusive offers, special rights.

This three airlines Huijun policy mainly facing the army of the army and relatives, specific: officers (including police officers), soldiers, supplies, staff, civilian staff, official employees, military management of retired personnel, and the spouse of the above personnel , Children, parents, spouse parents. It mainly includes three aspects: fare discount, for military staff, visit relatives, vacation, etc. Discount; exclusive equity, mainly for the special rights of military personnel, Xiamen Airlines provides ticket discounts, meals discounts, refunds, reflexive, and other total 2000 yuan per person per year, Xiamen Airlines Delivering gift coupons; cost reduction

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