What should you pay attention to when brain atrophy?

What should you pay attention to when brain atrophy?

In the daily routine, if we have a brain atrophy, we need active treatment. We need to pay attention to active care at the same time of treatment. So what are the details of life that need to be paid attention to?

Let’s take a look at it together!

Daily Precautions for Brain Atrophy 1. Diet Adjustment According to the appropriate variety and balanced diet, arrange food for three meals a day.

Appropriately supplement foods that are effective in preventing cerebral thrombosis.

Such as garlic, onion, tomato leek, celery, kelp, seaweed, black fungus, white fungus, peach kernel hawthorn, cantaloupe, papaya, strawberry, lemon, grape, pineapple, squid, parasitic fish, sardine, etc., to reduce blood viscosity, reduce bloodAbnormal clots have a better complement.

2, to ensure adequate drinking water, the blood viscosity will increase in the body, and the accumulated waste is difficult to discharge.

Therefore, redundant drinking water is very important for the prevention of cerebral thrombosis.

The normal daily drinking water should reach 2000?
2500 ml.

It is more important for the elderly to drink more water because the elderly have a dense polycondensation in their blood.

3, the law of life regularity is conducive to the prevention of any disease, especially the prevention of cerebral thrombosis.

It is necessary to develop a regular life, especially the elderly, because the physiological regulation and adaptation of the elderly are diminished, and the irregularity of life makes the metabolic disorder promote thrombosis.

Try to avoid sleeping after a meal, because the blood gathers in the transplant after the meal to help the blood supply of the digestive organs, while the blood supply to the brain is relatively reduced. At the same time, the blood pressure drop after eating the meal can reduce the blood supply of the brain, blood flow.Slow and easy to form a thrombus.

So it is best to sleep half an hour after a meal.

4, pay attention to the weather changes, the weather resistance of the elderly who quit smoking and drinking is weakened, excessive cold is converted to increase the viscosity of the blood caused by stroke, therefore, we must always pay attention to the changes in the weather, increase or decrease clothes at any time.

In fact, smoking cessation and alcohol withdrawal are also important for the prevention of cerebral thrombosis.

When we have a brain atrophy, we must actively carry out the care, otherwise it will bring a lot of waste to our lives, and I hope that you can stay away from the brain.