China Satcom (601698): IPO pricing report

China Satcom (601698): IPO pricing report

The main business of China Satcom is satellite space segment operation and related application services, mainly satellite communication broadcasting.

Through investment, construction and operation of communications and broadcasting satellites and supporting ground measurement and control and monitoring systems, China Satellite Communications provides users with radio and television, communications, video, data and other transmission services.

China Satellite Communications has built a complete satellite space segment operation system.

(1) As the primary carrier for the first-tier satellite resources to achieve global coverage, China Satellite 南京夜网 Communications has developed into the second largest fixed satellite operator in Asia and the sixth largest in the world, with high-quality telecommunications and broadcasting satellite resources.

China Satcom operates and manages 16 commercial communication broadcast satellites. The satellite transponder resources it covers cover C transmission, Ku vertical and Ka transmission. Among them, C transmission and Ku transmission have more than 540 satellite transponder resources.There are 26 on both sides. Satellite communication broadcast signals cover the whole of China, Australia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and other regions, and can provide services for developing countries to “go global” strategy and “Belt and Road”.

(2) The satellite space segment operation services provided by China 杭州夜网论坛 Satellite Communications are mainly divided into satellite radio and television services and satellite communications services according to different customers and uses.

China Satcom currently provides safe and reliable transmission guarantees for domestic satellite TV programs and radio programs, and provides live satellite TV transmission services for families in remote areas in China, covering more than 1.

3.5 billion households; provide space segment interconnection for China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, and overseas telecommunications operators to achieve communication connections in remote mountainous and border areas; provide exclusive services for government departments, and users in the financial, transportation, and oil industries, To achieve communication capabilities to extend to land, islands, oceans and other remote areas where optical cables are difficult to align; for the party ‘s 19th National Congress, the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People ‘s Republic of China, the launch of the “Shenzhou” spacecraft, the Chang’e moon exploration project, the Beijing OlympicsMajor events, as well as emergency response to national emergencies such as evacuation of Libya, low-temperature freezing rain, Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake, Zhouqu debris flow, and Lushan earthquake in Ya’an, provide satellite communication resource guarantee and technical support services.

China Satcom has been listed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a national first-class emergency communications professional support team.

(3) China Satcom vigorously promotes the strategy of strengthening talents through talents, develops the rules for the growth of talents in the international satellite operation industry, grasps the characteristics of talent development for market-oriented business innovation and development, and strives to build a core talent team for operation management, business development, and technical support.

After years of training and accumulation, China Satcom currently has collectively skilled and experienced leaders in the field of satellite communications; it has cultivated a team of middle-level cadres with strong management and strong execution capabilities, a business elite, and a market-savvy business manager team.Excellent technical, hard-working technical backbone team