Affected by the epidemic, the two main creators of The Punisher and Hell Storm were forced to terminate the contract

Affected by the epidemic, the two main creators of “The Punisher” and “Hell Storm” were forced to terminate the contract
Sauna Night News (Reporter Zhang He) According to foreign media reports on April 21, the conversion of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has a huge impact on the entertainment industry and the global economy. The TV production company has begun to respond to economic uncertainties through “layoffs”Sex.Steve Lightfoot, one of the screenwriters of the American drama “Punisher”, and Paul Zbisevsky, the producer of Hulu’s new drama “Hellstorm”, became one of the first TV people forced to terminate the contract.Stills of “The Punisher”.The picture comes from the Internet. It is reported that as major film companies began to tighten their belts, film production across the industry was forced to stop. This was one of the first agreements to be forced to stop.People familiar with the matter said that both of them broke the agreement with Marvel Pictures separately, not the ABC studio affiliated with Disney.Lightfoot was a screenwriter in the Marvel drama “The Punisher”, which was cut off a year ago after being broadcast two seasons.Zbisevsky is the producer of Hulu’s upcoming reality drama “Hellstorm”, which was completed before the industry closed.According to industry regulators, large and small film companies will begin to invoke force majeure clauses in multiple contracts to cancel contracts with producers.Force majeure clauses generally allow film companies to increase their freedom of decision-making in the event of unforeseen events (such as the New Crown Virus epidemic).If the screenwriters’ association and the film company cannot reach a new agreement, many other people will face a wave of forced abortion in a full-scale transaction.For example, during the strike of the screenwriter from 2007 to 2008, the film company once terminated the contracts of some not too prolific writers.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Chen Diyan