She is confident,Say:“Xi Xi,it’s OK,I am not afraid of her.!”

Le Zhenxi helpless,Laughing and watched her,“You!I know you are not afraid of her.,But??Ming is not afraid,I am afraid that I will start with you.。
And Qin Ning’s favorite is the secret。”
These dark means,To ruin someone,so easy。
Blue Xin slightly shakes his head,“Xi Xi,It’s fine,You can rest assured.!”
“Um!I will help you in secret.,But you promise me,It must not be too close to Lu Haocheng,otherwise,Qin Ning will also be angry with you。”
Blue Xin thought about it,I remembered the scene of Lu Yong Group that day.,Lu Hao Cheng’s reaction is very strange。
She always feels very confused。
She looked at Xi Xi,Say:“Xi Xi,I have conflicted with her.,Not cared about this time。”
She is not afraid of Qin Ningzhen,some things,Not afraid, you can solve it.。
Le Zhenxi is not talking about?It’s gently patted her shoulder.,“I am leaving,Tomorrow is weekend,Have a rest at home,I have time late.,Just come over and eat。”
“it is good!You are here alone here,It’s not convenient to cook alone.,Have time, come back here.。”Blue Xin smiled at him。
Anyway before Fan City,He is also often going to eat rice.。
“Um!Have you this sentence,And me,Is coming home to eat,But not to eat rice ”Le Zhenxi said,This is different from the eaten food.。
“knew,You also go back to rest early.,Do not be too tired。”
“it is good!I am leaving。”Le Zhenxi looked at her,That is angry,The eyebrows are tangled in thoughts,The emotion of the fundamental appetite,He was quickly pressed down quickly。
He is very worried about her,Can watch her face simple,Some words, he can’t say it again.。
never mind,He is still in the dark to help her。
Those dark means,A person like she is so pure,Should not be dyed。
Le Zhenxi shakes his hand,Turned to the elegant pace。
Mu Qing standing outside the gate,I heard the footsteps,She quickly turned to hide in the corner。
Directly until Le Zhenxi,She came out from the secret。
That normal loving face,This moment of black cloud!
She passed through the door,Looking at a happy daughter,There is a smile on the face of the dark cloud.。
This is her daughter she guards for seven years.,She will not let anyone bully her。
Her blue blue,Filial piety than anyone。
She went in,The kindness of the smile is like what happened.。
“Blue,Xi Xi left。”
“Mother,gone!”Blue Xin smiled and went to her,Her arm,Mother and daughter two smiles。
Blue Xin suddenly took out Kiki to her bank card。
“Mother,You are holding money in this card,I want to buy a dishes at home.,This money mother is!”
Mu Qing smiled and took a bank card,Lips the smile。
“Blue,Granddaughter’s money,Feel more happily than the daughter’s money!”
Blue Xin smile,A brightly bright,Let this dark night seem to have become bright.。
“Mother,You can’t hurt me.,Have a granddaughter, I forgot my daughter.,But Mom,I will try hard to make money.,Let our family live a good day。”Blue Xinzhu is spoiled against her shoulders。
Mu Qing nodded,Looking at the smile on her face,This child,In front of her,It’s really a child.,Every day, I will come back to her.。