The face of the two is black,Originally, only a variety of appreciation in summer,Also disappeared in an instant。

Liu Qingqing is too lazy,Trailing。
Inversely the Qinling,Semihood and half fake, a worship,“Summer minister,Who is learning to learn?。”
“I have no post.。”Summer doesn’t seem to know what is called modest at all.,Then say a word to let Qinling crazy。
“Qin always,You also saw it,mine“effort”Really good,If you have time, I can teach you.,You are willing to learn?”
Learn your sister。
Qinling Face Egg Crimson,Shame,I am a half-dead in my heart.。
She doesn’t want this bastard.,Hurry and speed up the footsteps。
but,Summer is obviously reluctant to give up easily,Take it up immediately,Then take a mysterious tone。
“Qin always,I found a secret in the company today.。”
Qinling barely squeezed a smile,“What secret?”
“This morning,No matter where I went?,Have a monitoring to me,I guess,Someone is voyeur me,Why peak me?,It must be seen to look at me.,Ugh,In fact, I am very easy to meet this person.,Just tell me,And the appearance can have Qin and Liu Dong so beautiful.,I also barely disadvantageously,And I guess,Sustaining I will do not only one,At least two or more,Wow,Three people were treated,Think about it is wonderful……”
Walking, Liu Qingqing and Qinling,Almost planted。
crush on you?
Your two old ladies want to tender you!
“Summer minister,Do you think more?。”
This time,The opening is Liu Qingqing,She is cold and cold,Faint,“Executive Department Recomnsation,Everyone is very busy,Who will be free to monitor you?。”
“Yes,In fact, I will think about it.,It should be my illusion。”
Summer nodded,I immediately made a chill,“The administrative department is still beautiful,Others are big masters,Impossible to monitor me,And Su Xiaodia is not that kind of person,so……I think more.,Moreover,I am very eye old.,Things to monitor me is two aliens women,Then I have arrived in eight generations.。”
“Alien?”Qinling curiously asked,“Alien woman?”
Liu Qingqing also erected the ear listened。
However,Summer next,Let the two big beauty have some vomiting blood。
“Aliens, you don’t understand?”
Summer is surprisingly,Tooth smile,“Very simple,Alien woman is very science,Very difficult,Very dedication,Very refreshing,Abstract,Very thrilling,Very bone,Very creative,Face part is too resonant,The proportion of chest is not hit,Use our people’s words,Exceeding the imagination of human limits,Feisha peer,uncanny workmanship,It is also a reelected that is still as good as flowers and Fengjie.……”
Liu Qingqing and Qinling’s face have been green.。
Always in the edge of the ruty。
It’s good to be an unusual woman.,Strong anger,Evasting a general speed。
“Hey,Two beautiful women,I haven’t finished it yet.,Wait for me……”
Summer is chasing behind,I am happy in my heart.。
NS046chapter The performance is too bad.
Yanchuan Hotel,It is a hotel in the nearby area.,Decoration is quite good,Business is very hot。
Summer three people have a box on the third floor,You can see the rockery water created by the outside hotel through the windows.,And artificial waterfall,It looks quite artistic conception。
“Summer minister,You let al.。”
Qinling handed the menu to summer。
“You should click,I am casually。”Summer shink。
Both people are not polite,Several signature vegetables in the hotel,After the waiter leaves,Liu Qingqing open mouth。
“You have to drive to Qin in the afternoon.,Don’t drink alcohol,Drink a drink,what do you drink?”