Standardization and development and financial supervision strive to "treatment of the disease"

  Since this year, the financial regulatory authorities have introduced a number of documents in deepening financial supply side reform, enhanced service entity economic efficiency, preventing resolution of financial risks. Outlook the future, experts believe that financial risk prevention and disposal should pay attention to "treatment of disease", emphasize the importance of risk monitoring warning, and strive to prevent problems.

  The continuous adjustment of credit structure has been continuously adjusted this year. Since the Bank of China, the Bank of China has issued a number of policies and regulations, continues to deepen the reform and opening up of the banking insurance industry, and further enhance financial services.

  In order to promote the economic high quality development, the Yinhua Regulatory Commission has introduced "Notice on In-depth Treated Poverty Poverty Poverty in Transition", "Notice on the Revitalization of High Quality Services in Banking Insurance Industry in 20021" "About 2021 Further Promotion Notice of Small and Micro Enterprise Financial Services High Quality Development "" About Banking Insurance Support High-level Science and Technology Self-supporting Guidance Opinions "and other documents, guiding financial institutions to increase their support for advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industries, vigorously develop Pleura finance, green finance.

  Under the supervision, the optimization results of credit institutions were obvious. The data of the silver insurance regulatory fair showed that 10 months, Pu Hui-type small micro enterprise loans added to trillion yuan, a year-on-year growth%, higher than the average growth rate of various loans; the manufacturing loans added trillion yuan, more than last year Annual increment, where% is a long-term loan in the manufacturing industry. In order to promote the improvement of multi-level, multi-pillar old-age insurance system, the Yintianship Regulatory Commission selection six institutions in Zhejiang Province, Chongqing City to carry out exclusive commercial pilot insurance pilots, approve the construction of national pension insurance companies, and promote the "four-way four institutions" pension products Pilot.

Up to now, the first batch of pension and financial management pilot products have been sold in pilot regions.

  In deepening the reform and opening up of the banking insurance industry, Belled Jixin financial management, Schroeder’s banking and financial management, Gao Sheng work, silver financial, Andalian Insurance asset management company and other Chinese and foreign joint ventures, foreign-owned financial institutions have been Batch or open.

  Financial risks tend to converge, the regulatory authorities have increased the standardization of industry chaos, and the new breakthroughs in preventing resolution of financial risks. In corporate governance, the regulatory system is constantly sound. "Bank Insurance Organization Corporate Governance Criteris" "Bank Insurance Organization’s major shareholder’s supervision (trial)" "Bank Insurance Organization’s Director Supervision Socellment Evaluation Measures (Trial)" and other documents have been introduced.

  While consolidating the company’s governance of the foundation, the regulatory authorities rectify the equity and related transactions and other illegal violations.

According to the data of the silver insurance regulatory Commission, after two years of special rectification, more than 2,600 illegal violations, punishment violations and responsible person will have a total of billion yuan, and 395 responsible personnel shall be resolved for some personnel, and the industry is disabled. In the field of financial business, the "Provisional Measures for the Sales and Management of Financial Corporation", "Notice on Regulating the Management of Cash Management Treatment of Financial Products Management", etc.

  In addition, for the guiding mechanism, it is prequakers, prevents the issue of the "Interim Measures for the Implementation of" Bank Insurance Institution Restoration and Disposal Program "" System Importance Bank Additional Regulatory Regulations (Trial) "" Administrative Measures for the Absorption Ability of Global System Importance Bank " The document is released, and the bank insurance agency will increase the risk of anti-risk. Increasing the Central Economic Work Conference held by the risk monitoring warning, guiding financial institutions to increase support for entity economics, especially small and micro enterprises, technological innovation, and green development.

The meeting also put forward, we must continue to follow the stable big event, coordinate coordination, categorize, accurately bombing, to do a good job of risk disposal, strengthen financial rule of law construction, consolidate local, financial supervision, industry supervisor, compaction enterprises Self-help main responsibility.

  Many experts believe that financial institutions should provide targeted credit support for product and service innovation, providing directional credit support for strategic emerging, innovative and high-growth enterprises; at the same time, actively surround cleaning energy, green low-carbon transport, green buildings, low-carbon intelligence , Eco-carbon and technical solid carbon, carbon transactions, etc., in advance.

  In terms of risk resolution, Wang Yifeng, chief analyst of the Everbright Securities Finance, said that on the one hand, we must adhere to the risk to come out. On the other hand, according to the bottom line thinking, do a good job in displacement plan and reserve, try to resolve the "online repair" mode risk.

In the process of risk disposal, adhere to early discovery, early disposal, adhere to the principle of marketization, legalization, based on effective risk prevention and control, the minimum risk institution is precisely Blow and strictly prevent moral risks. Yin Zhentao, director of the Financial Science Research Department, Finance Research Office, China Social Academy of Social Sciences, said that the next step, the supervision should be targeted for some high-risk issues, individual high-end bond houses, etc. The plan is systematic, scientifically analyzed, and the risk disposal mechanism with targeted and feasibility is developed.

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