Carry out environmental hygiene and remediation for the "plus" plus code "

"The current changes in our village are too big. Not only the cement road, but also built the village cultural square, the most common ‘toilet’ ‘of every household has become a new flush toilet. Say, "In fact, I am happy to make me feel that the phenomenon of the original garbage in the village is not." Wen Hu widen a pork business in the field before, and he only returned to his hometown, and he was in the village. The change is shocked. .

Now, the government has not only put the garbage bin to the village, but also built the garbage centralized recovery point, but also specially equipped with a cleaning staff.

The garbage all shipped out of the village unified landfill, the environment became better, and it was so comfortable on the road! "This is only a micro-shadow of Dallate flag concentrated on a spam of spam in rural areas.

It is understood that the current Darelat flag is 32 low-temperature cracking station, 5M3 garbage bin 2215, 50L classification trash can, 1064 sets of 240L trash can, 985 garbage tanks, 9 sewage treatment plants, 74.13 million accumulated funds Yuan; radiation treatment of the 9 township Sumu production of Darlat flag, in addition, townships also set up garbage collection points according to their actual setting, equipped with rural public welfare post cleaning cleaning staff.

Innovation promotes the waste treatment model of "household classification village collection towns to transport" or "social collecting village transfer towns to deal with" surrounding the villages, the roads in the road, the inner and outer garbage is fully cleared.

"Now the villagers will not only lose the garbage bags to the garbage truck, but also take the initiative to supervise the behavior of the people in the village." Wen Hu width told reporters that the village was clean, and the villagers love The awareness of the home is also strengthened. The environmental sanitation is good, "the competition" is seen in the high-efficiency and orderly promotion of the "competition" activity, and fully strengthen the organization leadership, formulates the issuance of "the organization to organize the" competition "activities of the living environment village. Notice "(Daily Agriculture and Husbandry [2021] No. 6) At the same time, the event and "Love my hometown clean home" urban and rural homage environment centralized, "Party members and cadres return to the environment and hygiene remediation", the "small hand-pulled big hand" and other series of activities such as the "small hand and big hands" and other activities have a combination, integrated resources, multi-party Linkage, widely launched the strength of all walks of life and the masses, actively participation in the "competition" of the village, and fully promote the homageal environmental remediation level of rural pastoral people in the whole country.