Notes on Yoga Asana Practice


Notes on Yoga Asana Practice

First, before practicing asana, take a full bath or a half bath. You must also do a half bath daily before sitting. If the asana is connected with meditation, you do not need to do two half baths.

  Second, do not do asanas in open areas, because this is easy to catch a cold. When practicing asanas indoors, you need to open windows to allow air to circulate.

  Third, the house should avoid smoke and dust, the less the smoke, the better.

  Fourth, men should wear yoga underwear, women must wear tight underwear and bras.

  Fifth, asanas must be practiced on a blanket or cushion. Do not do asanas on a bare floor. Otherwise, you will catch cold easily, and it will destroy the hormones produced by the asanas in your body.

  6. When the left nostril or both nostrils are unobstructed, you can practice asanas. Do not do it only when the right nostrils are unobstructed.

  7. Eat pleasant food. If a person cannot immediately give up inertia and transgender food, eat a small grain of rice dumplings (preferably small), but this rule does not apply in cold countries.

  Eight, do not shave the body hair at the joints.

  Nine, fingernails and toenails must be cut short.

  Ten, do not practice asana when you are full, and it is not advisable to practice within two and a half hours to three hours after a meal.

  Eleven, after practicing the asana, you must do a full body massage, especially the joints.

  Twelve, after the massage, do the corpse for at least two minutes.

  Thirteen, after finishing the corpse, do not touch the water directly for at least ten minutes.

  Fourteen, do not apply oil when practicing asanas, if you like, you can gently rub the oil on your body.

  Fifteen, after doing asanas, it is best to take a walk in a quiet place.

  16. Don’t compare with others. It’s easy to hurt yourself by overly contracting or compressing. At the same time, it is better to cure a person’s law than to practice a lot of asanas.

  17. Avoid colds. If you have to go outdoors after practicing asanas, and your body temperature has not dropped to normal temperature, or there is a difference between indoor and internal temperatures, it is best to add clothes and go out.Breathe out and spit it out before you can avoid a cold.

  18. The practice of asanas does not prohibit military classified sports, but it is forbidden to engage in any sports immediately after training.

  Nineteen, there are no restrictions on the nostrils to be unobstructed for the following postures: lotus seat, perfect seat, semi-perfect seat, simple seat, courage, big worship, yoga body print, and snake pose.

  Twenty, there is no food restriction for the above postures.

  Twenty, during menstruation, during pregnancy, and within one month after giving birth, women cannot practice asanas or other exercises, but asanas used in dhyana can be practiced in any situation; lotus, perfect sitting andThe courage style is a feasible asana method for practicing meditation and concentration.

  Twenty-two, after practicing the asana method, you cannot do pranayama immediately.