Puer: 08 Summer Yoga Suit RS3007Y-25 + RP670Y-08

Puer: 08 Summer Yoga Suit RS3007Y-25 + RP670Y-08

Market price: ¥ 138.

00 Brand Introduction: Puer Yoga-Beijing Yuanyang Tiandi Sports Development Co., Ltd. (Yuanyang Yoga) Brand Specifications: M, L, XL Weight: 0.

6 kg Origin: Beijing Color: Top: Light gray Pants: Black (built-in chest lining): 95% viscose, 5% spandex Material Introduction: Yoga clothes are made of 95% viscose + 5% spandex blend, strong cotton,Soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, more comfortable in summer, very suitable for wearing in summer yoga practice, unique cotton texture, so that every part of the skin gets special protection, bright colors, popular styles, allowing you to exerciseFeel the breath of fashion, the melody of youth!

  The fabric has better moisture absorption and perspiration, high density, effectively avoids pilling, slackness, and good shape retention.

And the fabric’s lateral fiber control is strong, which means that although it is elastic, it will not wrap the body like before, tightly showing the meaty places, and the shape is much better.