Multinational government party figures, Democratic Party international cooperation to deal with new crown pneumonia epidemic

Multinational government party figures, Democratic Party international cooperation to deal with new crown pneumonia epidemic

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 17: Comprehensive news: Recently, some foreign government officials and political party leaders have stated that the new crown pneumonia epidemic is a common challenge facing all mankind, enabling countries around the world to work together with the Chinese people to overcome the difficulties.Definitely can win the final victory in fighting the epidemic.

  Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Zaha Rova recently wished China a victory over the epidemic in a Chinese press conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: At this difficult time, Russia is with China.

Russia expresses its sincere support to the Chinese people and wishes the Chinese people ultimate victory!

  The president of the National Assembly of the People’s Republic of Korea, Wen Xixiang, said that the new crown pneumonia epidemic is not only a difficulty for China, but also a challenge faced by all mankind.

South Korea and China should help each other and South Korea is willing to continue to give China unreserved support and solidarity.

I believe that the Chinese people will overcome the epidemic as soon as possible.

  Park Mayor of Seoul, South Korea, said that there is no national border to fight the epidemic, and friends should work together in times of crisis.

The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome outbreak occurred in 北京桑拿洗浴保健 South Korea in 2015, and the situation in Seoul was very serious. At that time, Beijing sent a delegation to provide real help.

Today, the security of China is the security of South Korea. The people of Seoul will stand with the Chinese people to jointly cope with the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

  Raja Raja, General Secretary of the Indian Parliament, said that the virus will erupt at any time and any place, and it is a common threat to all mankind. The international community should work together with China.

China’s improved epidemic prevention reflects the role of a responsible big country.

I believe that under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people will surely win the ultimate victory in fighting the disease.

The Chinese people and government are working hard to combat the new crown pneumonia epidemic. They are saving not only the Chinese 南京桑拿网 people, but also the people of the world.

  Albanian Socialist MP Busati said that at this difficult time, we can understand how the world is closely linked. In the face of common challenges, we must work together.

It is time to say that we are standing with Wuhan. Nothing can prevent the friendship between Azerbaijan and China to replace the people.

  Yutasar, director of the National Tourism Administration of Thailand, said that Thailand’s door has always been open to the Chinese people.

The Thai tourism department is full of confidence in China’s victory over the epidemic. When the epidemic passes, Thailand will welcome Chinese tourists with better services.

China is raising its national strength to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The victory of this struggle will benefit people all over the world.

The Chinese government is bold enough to make a decision, fight against the virus, and race against time. I believe the epidemic will end soon.

  Ecuador’s Vice President Otossonen Holzner praised China’s efforts to fight the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, expressing the Ecuadorian government and people’s full support and solidarity with China to fight the epidemic, firmly convinced that China will surely win the final victory against the epidemic, and therefore the international community will pay the priceA more responsible attitude will overcome the difficulties with the Chinese people.

  Tunisian Health Minister Ben Sheikh said that after the outbreak, the Chinese government has taken rapid and effective measures to prevent the scale of the epidemic from expanding, thereby protecting the highest impact of the disease among Chinese citizens and other countries.

The international community acknowledges and thanks the Chinese government for its efforts.

  Mexico’s Deputy Minister of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gattelli, said that China has adopted a series of high-intensity prevention and control measures in response to the development of the epidemic, and has made a valuable contribution to international public health.

Mexico is willing to continue to maintain good communication and cooperation with China and believes that China will surely win the fight against the epidemic.

(Participating reporters: Wu Gang, Geng Xuepeng, Jiang Lei, Zhang Yadong, Wang Jin, Hao Yunfu, Huang Ling, Wu Hao) Original title: General information: Fighting the “blight” without borders to meet the challengePneumonia