Chen Wenjin agreed to give Hui a gift,Thinking about going,Perfume is not enough to commemorate their friendly ending of this relationship。

The laptop is really useless for Hui,There is no convenient wireless network in this era,The use of computer systems also requires some basic basic knowledge,Few types of playable games,Hui doesn’t play games。
For butterflies,It is a mobile movie watching tool,Very valuable。
For Hui,Really has no practical meaning。
Chen Wenjin finally thought of a gift,just,need some time,Just call Hui to leave a message,Said it takes some time to prepare the gift。
“Why are you so solemn?Not said,Anything is good,It’s good to not be laughed at。”There was joy in Hui’s voice,But he forced to say something that seemed rational。“Now I am still worthy of your investment?”
“What you said makes sense,I will reasonably control expenses。”Chen Wenjin pretended to adopt her opinion,Hui said:“Yes,Should be like this,Don’t make me feel owed to you。”
“Ok。”Chen Wenjin agreed seriously。
Sunday afternoon,Many people gathered outside the store as always。
Some are out shopping,Students who bought things for classmates and friends by the way,Gather but not disperse,Naturally Aniu and a group of people。
After Chen Wenjin came,Someone went in and notified Hui,She came out laughing,Greeted everyone in a circle。
Someone said:“Golden brother,Sister Hui is studying hard recently,Don’t have much time to play。Xiao Gao was also infected recently,Very hard。”
“I have been very hard recently,We plan to do more next month,Concentrate on studying and meet again after the exam。”Chen Wenjin said,Took out the gift and handed it to Hui.:“This gift is for us to stick to the promise together,Encouragement to study hard to the end,You wear it,Remember to stick every time you want to meet。”
No one expected Chen Wenjin to say that,I believe Hye and him are really fine,So they all asked curiously:“what is it?Huikuai take it apart, let’s take a look!”
Hui is also curious,Although Chen Wenjin promised not to buy expensive ones on the phone a few days ago,But after thinking about it, she felt that he said that on purpose,By his character,Would not be a man who cares about feelings so much。