Don’t kill young and old,Do not kill women and girls,Don’t kill good people,Kill bullies,Kill traitors,Kill the traitors!

“You take it,But I kindly remind you,These things have long been integrated with this circle,If you take too much,Might upset the balance here,As for what happened in the end……”
Xia Chenglong didn’t scare him,This is a fact!
Such a long time,He has a little grasp of the operation of the formation here,I can feel it after coming in,Everything here has become part of the hall。
Tu Cancan naturally believes,I dare not take it now,Quickly stood up and followed Xia Chenglong。
Big here,Any place before this must be bigger,The two walked forward to the end,It can be considered to have an understanding of this hall。
Except for those babies piled on the ground,There is a golden platform in front of them。
There is a cross-legged cultivator on the platform,Somewhat surprised。
This person is old,Although everything is well preserved,,No difference from normal people,But can’t feel any breath。
It’s not just a swim without aura,Not even breathing,This is weird。
If he is the old man who has been here for a long time,How to keep the body from decay,If he came forward soon,It shouldn’t be breathless?
Xia Chenglong thought for a while and stopped paying attention,No matter who the other party is,As long as it does not pose a threat to him,He didn’t bother。
Behind this stone platform is a door,There is no other way to go except this door,So that’s the exit from here?
Somewhat unimaginable,This level is so easy,It seems that the Tu family ancestors are very confident,There is no fortification here。
the reason is simple,Because no one can survive the first four levels。
Very embarrassed,He Xia Chenglong did it!
Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty Six inherited
Xia Chenglong returned from meditation,Seeing Tu Cancan staring at the old man on the stone platform,That kind of forgetful look seems to prove something。
“Hey,Are you OK!”