Tibet Airlines won the title of "National Youth Civilization"

Glason flower march.

The picture is provided by Tibet Airlines to choose a tree typical, commended advanced, in the first half of 2021, and the central government jointly blended 23 national committees to create the "National Youth Civilization" event organizing committee’s name of the 20th National Youth Civilization Recommended Selection Work.

Recently, the results of the selection were announced, and 1881 creative groups across the country were identified as the national youth civilization.

The Tibet Airlines Cabin Minzanghua Demonstration Team is the only evaluation unit in the organization of the Tibet Autonomous Region, which is awarded the honorary title of "National Youth Civilization". It is understood that this is the highest honor since the establishment of Youth Civilization, in 2013. The Tibet Airlamen Demonstration team was established in 2011, and there are 48 members, including 18 party members, 30 group members, and the average age 28.

Since 2019, since the National Civil Aviation and Autonomous Region Youth Civilization, the Gusanghua Demonstration Group has adhered to the implementation of the Group’s construction work as a carrier, focusing on building youth medical emergency volunteer service, youth technical skills competition, important flight guarantee, young lecturer preaching team A young renovation platform, in the field of civil aviation and Tibet transportation services, a series of fruitful service practices, with skilled business and high-quality services, known as "the beauty of the beauty of the plateau" and "walking snow The love of love. " Tibet Airline Sanhua Demonstration Board always adheres to the party’s ideological leadership, combined with the practical difficulties of Tibet people and the company’s high-altitude flight characteristics, always to create a high plateau "Air Life Line" as its own, consciously serving party and national events, must By strengthening theoretical learning, practicing truth-seeking service, helps to take off the poverty, in-depth volunteer service, etc. A highlighted contribution, in order to achieve the "Tibetan Tibet" and the civil aviation strong country contributing youth. (Editor: Li Wenzhi).