The rest business is coming! Enterprises can also "shut down"

Original title: The rest business is coming! The company can also "Stop the Insurance Registration" recently established a habitat system for the first time, allowing the market subject to moderate "sleep", the purpose is to provide a buffer system for business difficulties to provide a buffering system choice, reduce market main body maintenance cost. The "Regulations" also clearly, the market entity should handle the registration authority before going to the registration authority, the registration authority will publicize the social publication period, the legal document delivery address and other information, and strengthen the supervision and supervision of the restless business through publicity. Sudden epidemic, give a negative impact on the development of many companies. Some stores cannot carry out business activities, but they still need to pay the rent, humanity and other high operating costs, leading to some small and medium business operators to continue.

In order to let the store continue to open, do you have any way? A "Regulations on the Market Subject Registration Management" released recently, one of the highlights is the first time to set up a restless system. Due to natural disasters, accident disasters, public health incidents and social security incidents, the market main body can decide independently in a certain period of time, and the time is not more than 3 years. The restless system is similar to the "shutdown" business in the telecommunications field. The number is temporarily unused, and it can be reused for a certain period of time.

  "Since the new crown pneumonia epidemic, some market subjects have been influenced by the epidemic, interrupted normal business activities, but there is still a strong business will and ability, in order to solve such problems, it also reduces market subject to maintain costs, protect market subject legal Right, "Ordinance" is based on the experience of the market entity, and the Branch of the Market Supervision Administration of the Market Supervision Bureau, Yang Hongcan, said that the establishment of a restless system, the purpose is to provide business difficulties A buffering system choice, reduces the cost of maintaining the market main body, which is conducive to the help of the company.

  According to reports, "Registration of Remarks" has recently been explored in my country.

"Some provisions of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Commercial Registration" implemented in March 1 this year, the business main body needs to be suspended, and can register to the commercial registration authority to register, still retain its main qualification.

At present, the modern service industry cooperation area and Baoan District, which have been carried out in the Shenzhen Qianhai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong and Hong Kong, have been carried out for 11 market entities, mainly involving cross-border e-commerce trade, business services, science and technology.

  "It can be said that the restless system is the most prominent system innovation of the" Regulations ". It is a rich and supplement of the existing registration management system in my country. It is conducive to the continuous operation of SMEs.

Wu Haifeng, secretary general of the China Market Supervision and Management Society, said, "Regulations" is borrowed from the UK Enterprise HDT and my country’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region "Inactive Company" system, setting up the market subject’s restless system, and introduces relevant parties to the relevant departments Policy measures provide a system basis. In order to build a harmonious labor relationship, the "Regulations" also clarifically, the market entity should handle the registration authority before the business, the registration authority passed the national enterprise credit information system to publicize the time limit, legal documents delivery address And other information, through publicity strengthening social supervision and credit supervision of happiness enterprises.

At the same time, it is considered to be restored during the business activities during the restoration.

  "Remaining" is to recuperate, but what is the difference with "suspension"? Experts analyzed that enterprises suspend business, more common in my country’s administrative punishment, such as ordered to stop production, usually refers to temporary stopping business.

The establishment of a restless system gives new connotations for commercial registration. Remaining business, it is not necessary to lead the market subject to be canceled, but based on the real consideration, the market entity can stop business in a certain period of time, retain the market main qualification, after a period of time after returning to business. "The law has temperature. In order to help the difficulties in the crisis stage to get a breathing opportunity, assist such companies to reduce the maintenance cost of the market main qualification," Regulations "set up a habitual system, allowing the market subject to moderate ‘sleep’.

"Liu Junhai, professor of the Law School of Renmin University of China, said that in order to enhance the market subjectivity, if the market entity during the restless business, if appropriate business opportunities can also seize the opportunity, carry out business activities, and end the rest business in advance.

  Liu Junhai suggested that the market main registration management system is better, if the bunch of the holy, it is difficult to achieve the established goals of the system. The legal effectiveness of the Regulations depends on the establishment of the registration organ, registration service, dynamic tracking, daily inspections, administrative guidance and administrative punishment, but also depends on the cautious autonomy of the market entity.

The landing roots of the market subject, the root of the market needs to be supported by the market supervision department, the tax department, the human resources and industry regulatory authorities, and is also inseparable from the strict self-discipline of the industry association and the same frequency resonance in the relevant regulatory authorities. Coordination of public and media. (Editor: Zhao Chao, Chen Jun) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.