Academician of Wang Yingjun: New development of medical equipment to usually welcomes unprecedented opportunities

Strong National Forum: What important impact on the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the medical device industry? Wang Yingjun: Medical instruments as an important tool for modern medical care, is the basic equipment in the construction of national medical and health system. It is both a "weapon" on the human anti-optic battlefield, and it is also a "shield" of epidemic protection.

The autonomous innovation of high-end medical devices and the localization of related products are extremely important for national health protection. As the epidemic is shown, the health care service of China’s medical and health care and huge population is impossible to solve the imported product.

A 1.4 billion population of countries should solve the health problems of the people, and they cannot have a strong support in their own medical equipment industry. In particular, in the state of major public health crises, medical devices have significant "card neck" effects.

From a global perspective, the medical device industry has gradually become one of the emerging industries with high development speed, active trading, and high added value. The new crown pneumonia epidemic allows the world’s major countries to pay more attention to the technology innovation and supply of medical devices.

Strong National Forum: What is the development status of my country’s medical device industry? Wang Yingjun: my country’s medical device industry has developed very fast, and the market size growth is far more than other countries.

At the same time, we must also be clearly recognized that due to the start of the industry, it is currently facing some problems in development. First, we need to optimize the structure of the medical equipment. Most medical device products are still mainly low-end, and high-end products with independent innovation are our short board.

Second, the company’s scale and technical capabilities have to be improved.

Third, R & D investment is lower than the international level.

Finally, the high-end research results did not go forward to the market in time to clinical.

The transformation of results is not only the problems that enterprises and scientists need thinking, but also need to produce school research together. Strong Strong Forum: What is the characteristics of new development of medical equipment in my country? Wang Yingjun: The innovation and development of medical devices in my country has ushered in unprecedented major opportunities. The depth integration of artificial intelligence and medical devices may trigger innovation in the field of medical devices, which will provide new opportunities for medical equipment to accurateize, intelligent, and functionally develop.

For example, there are many cases in orthopedics that have a traditional approach, and the AI ??is here. The personalized precision repair kit technology and precision orthopedic data system in South China University of Technology has successfully applied to orthopedic surgery to achieve digitalization and precision of orthopedic surgery. Second, 3D technology can be available in new development of medical equipment.

3D technology provides possibilities for AI Embolic Medical Devices. Currently, the depth fusion of AI and medical devices is inseparable from 3D technology, including VR, surgical models, surgical guides, personalized implants, and the like.

In addition, 3D technology can also achieve accurate control of the microstructure and complex shape of various three types of medical instruments.

Strong National Forum: Further promoting the innovation development of medical equipment industry in my country, what are your suggestions? Wang Yingjun: my country’s medical device industry has inseparable from the high integration of interdisciplinary R & D teams, and inventory, including science, enterprises, governments, supervision, finance, etc.

In addition, the industry’s innovation and development needs to be advanced from the scientific innovation development of the regulatory, which requires scientific research, regulators and enterprises, and clinical efforts.

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