This way you lose weight, you will never lose weight.

This way you lose weight, you will never lose weight.

Many eyebrows try to lose weight in order to lose weight. There are various methods but they are not effective. Sometimes they will endanger their health. How can we lose weight healthy and effective?

What are the misunderstandings of losing weight?

  False weight loss common sense makes you lose weight and can eat after 8 o’clock in the evening. Actually, when you eat, it doesn’t matter.

What really affects weight?

What is the calorie content?

Have you exercised?

This is the key point in determining whether you are reducing, increasing or maintaining your weight.

  Don’t forget to count the calories in the drink. If you really want to speed up the weight loss, then quit your favorite cola and juice and other drinks, and drink boiled water.

  Sweets can also be said as a dinner health expert, from time to time with the sweets “too” to achieve their own long-term weight loss goals.

However, this is only a temporary choice, but not every day.

  It is not necessary to exclude lean meat from weight loss diets. It is not necessary to completely avoid lean meat during weight loss. It is still possible to selectively eat properly.

  A calorie-free soft drink will make you fat experts say that there are many people who like low-calorie or no-card soft drinks, and feel that they have already reduced their sugar and conversion in the beverage, so they indulge themselves in other aspects.It is.

  What is the truth about obesity?

  Some people’s aunt cells will be higher than ordinary people who carry more aunt cells than others. Even if you lose a few pounds or gain a few pounds, your aunt’s cell number will remain the same, so the weight loss plan is always the same.Easily defeated by weight rebound.

Many people who are destined to have a large number of monster cells may start generating these cells when they are two years old.

Even if children reduce their transfer intake, a few cells may grow very fast.

  Stress puts you “drums” and the pressure will ignite your passion for the short-lived snacks.

For our prehistoric ancestors, stress means healing or the approach of the beast.

The process of quickly storing your aunt is very important, we need extra energy to deal with food substitution or fight with wild animals.

Today, we are sitting there feeling the pressure, and the transformation will naturally accumulate in our abdomen.

  The less sleep, the less optimistic about losing weight. The former president of the American Obesity Society, when diagnosing obese patients, should ask about their eating habits and their sleep.

If the patient sleeps less than 7?

In 8 hours, he may give the patient some sleep drugs.

He said: “With enough sleep, they will have a stronger sense of fullness and naturally lose weight.


Researchers at the University of Chicago say that lack of sleep affects our hormonal balance, leading to a decrease in “leptin” that is full of satiety and an increase in “hunger”, so although we are not hungry, we will feel hungry and want to eat.
In fact, sleep is probably the cheapest and easiest way to lose weight.

  Obesity may also be contagious. A study pointed out that if a person is very fat, his spouse may become as fat as 37?

?The researchers concluded that obesity seems to be transmitted to others through social networks.

  Changing Your Metabolism Another research team from Scandinavia studied the changes in cells that occur when people become fat.

They conducted a comparative study of several pairs of fat twins and thin twins.

It has been found that the unfortunate cells of obese twins have undergone metabolic changes, making it difficult to burn obesity.

  The research team suspects that as long as the weight gain of 11 pounds can reduce the metabolism, it will become a vicious circle in the long run: it is difficult to lose as long as it becomes fat.

  How is that good?

The answer is still a cliché.

The researcher said: “The more I study, the more I feel that we need to exercise.

“She used to be a fat child. Now she runs a lot and her weight is normal.”