“Uncle Rubin,I recently had some trouble in Dubai in the Middle East,I want to use the oligarch fund that Palizovsky has put in your place,do not worry,I’ll call Palizovsky in a while,Will ask for his consent。”

“Tianyu,How much do you want to use?”Rubin asked。
“all.All.130Billion dollars,it’s OK?”Qiao Tianyu said。
Since the last Merck Group defense war,Qiao Tianyu is very precious to Palizovsky’s oligarchic fund,Of course you know how much money there is,But Qiao Tianyu knows that Rubin has always been in business,So I’m not sure whether Rubin will borrow money from him。
However, what Qiao Tianyu didn’t expect was,Rubin didn’t hesitate,Agreed with one bite,“no problem,Is that money enough?I have some more here。”
“that.that’s great!”Qiao Tianyu was overjoyed,I didn’t expect Rubin to buy one get one free,Qiao Tianyu is naturally happy。
“OK then,I will transfer money to the Zero Fund account in a while180One hundred million U.S. dollars,This is all I can take out。”Don’t wait for Qiao Tianyu to thank you,Rubin hung up。
It seems that I lost my son,The blow to Rubin is indeed too great,I really don’t want to chat。
After hanging up Rubin’s call,Qiao Tianyu greeted Palizovsky again,After all, we have to use other people’s funds,It should be said。
When everything is ready,Qiao Tianyu finally made the most important call today,Called my base camp—Henry of Zero Fund!
Haven’t returned to New York for many days,After a brief understanding of the current situation of Zero Fund,Qiao Tianyu went straight to the topic,Gave Henry an order。
“Henry,You immediately use the name of Zero Fund,To U.S. Long-term Capital Management CorporationLTCMSend a letter‘Declaration of War’。”
“tell them,Tomorrow morning, New York time11:00,Horizon Fund will launch on timeLTCMOffense,Ask them to prepare in advance!”