First88chapter Love armor

Enter the city state,Go to the foundry。
Even in cold winter,Zhu Minglang also maintains the good habit of tempering casting,Xiao Bai Qi and Xiao Qingzhuo,Can come with a set of armor adapted to their attributes,As long as the materials are collected,The rest is the problem of own craft。
Since the first sight、After the touching romantic love story of two loves was spread in the college,The attitude of the city-state people towards Zhu Minglang is not as bad as before,Even some people who believe it,Constantly wanting to flatter and wish bright。
Zhu Minglang is still relatively low-key on weekdays,Don’t want to be disturbed by these things,So even if I go to the foundry now,He also only greets a few people he knows well,And then plunge into the furnace forging。
Spiritual Fruit is very effective,Now Zhu Minglang’s spiritual power is much stronger than before,Some scales that need to be injected with spiritual power to temper,Also becomes easy and simple。
The dragon mother left Zhu Minglang with a green scale,This reverse scale is a rare thing,Killing dozens of dragons may not be like this。
Unfortunately,This piece of reverse scale can’t make a dragon armor,Dragon armor requires a larger scale area,If you sell it,No matter what the price is, it’s not worth it,Finally, Zhu Minglang decided to make an inverse blue soft armor,Save your life。
I wish Minglang has been doing this soft armor for some time,And recently he realized how much he was not good at learning before……
size,Scales,There is a big deviation。
If you forcibly use other materials,In the end, it will only make this inverse blue soft armor have many flaws,The effect is extremely limited。
“Zhu Minglang,Zhu Minglang。”Outside casting,Master Zhao Long knocked on the door,There seems to be some good news to tell Zhu Minglang。
“what happened,Master Zhao Long?”I wish Minglang didn’t go out,Just yelled inside。