The mountain rock is iron green.,Can’t see a vegetation。

Summer is dark。
he knows,Vegetation is not being felled,Nor is it to take and use allorate?。
But this world is between,Flooding is nowhere,Grass vegetation is essentially difficult to grow and survive。
Standland。 Summer look。
Recovery,Exploration hall。
I saw a compartment door opened.。
A strong man with a high foot and two meters came out,Then I started to be a door.。
“come out,All come out,We were escorted to the wind city,This is to let us die.,Everyone comes out to discuss,See if you can get down。”
This guy’s voice is very large,Suffocate,Extraordinary。
There are many intervals that are opened.,A road to walk out。
Soon the lobby is noisy,Bustle。
“Laozi is just killing a person,And that the bastard is started,Why do I go to Fengcheng?,Laozi is uncomfortable!”
“right,I would rather joking, I don’t want to go to Fengcheng.,Now the sword devil into the country,Fengcheng first rush,Going to send death。”
“Don’t talk nonsense,Hurry up the idea,See if you can rob this mission……”哄,The house where the summer is located is opened by a foot.。
The initial big man shouted,“I said brothers,What do you do?,Just enter the compartment……”Not finished,Big Han stunned。
Immediately open your mouth,Bright cruel,“Dark black,I said, why don’t you dare to show?,It turned out to be a wound.,Give Laozi out!”
In the summer, I looked up at the big man.,Sink,Stand up and walk away。
When the other party,He has incorporated Taiji roulette knife.。
However——I didn’t expect in summer.,Just walk to the door,This big man is watching,Treacherous,And then buckled his shoulders。
Summer eyes,Immediately want to shoot。
“Ha ha……”The big man suddenly turned and ran,“This is the old man,Hahaha,Go to the wind city,Laozi is a hurt,Ha ha ha ha……”He actually took the opportunity to gave it to the badge of the summer shoulder.。
Summer eyes flashed a cooler。
But he didn’t work,Welcome a fierce and evil spirits。
more people,It is to look at the big man.,There is no good idea in your eyes.。
“Luo Yong,Take!”
One is not high,It looks that the temperament is cold.。
“This is what I grabbed.。”
Dadang changed color。
“Do you want to die??”
The happiness is cold and said.,The breath fluctuations slowly spread,There is a successful level of life and death.。
“Hucha,Don’t deceive people……”Big Han face red neck,But the words have not been finished.,Stigma,Extremely unwilling to throw the badge past。
Summer takes this。
More than 200 people in the hall,All is the middle and dead mid-term,Sudoku has several big success。
No early death,There is no gangli。
Summer eyes,Low eyebrows。
After practicing the life and death,Anyweight increase will become extremely slow。
Each level needs to be taken,Both the previous sum。