As for reward,Naturally。

After all,Nine old ancestors did not hesitate to leave。
They rushed to the sealing node。
It is not to say that the refining and death can immediately start reinforcement.,There is also a lot of preparations。
Okay at the time,Nine old ancestors,Send them all the mountains where the gods is located。
And I saw a group of spirits that had already been waiting for a long time.。
They all from the main peak of nine major,Different city。
Responsible for receiving summer,Is a long time not seeing Du Yu。
;A good boy!
Du Yu face does not add appreciation,Joy,Take a summer shoulder,;I really give us a long face,Give us the 12th League Chang face。
Summer laughs,I didn’t say anything.。
Soon with Du Yu came to the pass array,A white light,The two disappeared in place。
After a moment,They came out of a building on the left side of the Emperor Square.。
Appear,I am stunning in the summer.。
Parallel is full of people in the field of view,Three layers outside the third floor,Can’t see the end。
These people are almost all concentrated on the square,Look at the direction of them。
;Wang Wei,Well!
Someone shouted in the crowd。
;Ha ha,Well,Our Diqiu City finally appeared a core disciple.。
;Wang Wei,Do you have a partner??
A girl in a popcorn is very serious and shouting very seriously.。
Since the people suddenly issued a kind smile。
Summary in summer,Can only be stiff and laugh,Do not stop。
Previous time,Taibai old ancestors have turned around to talk to the air,I thought it was said that the strong people of the flow and empty industry were thought.。
I suddenly understood now.。
This is open the communication array.。
;Wang Weihellip;hellip;
A petistic figure squeezed out the crowd,Cut the incense wind to the summer,The face blooms sweet smile。
;Wang Wei,You’re back。
It is left small fish。
No need to say more,There is more no need to judge,What kind of embrace,What is speechlesshellip;hellip;That’s too serious。
Left small fish will not do that。
Everything,It is hidden in a playful and sly smile.,And that one bending into the eyes of the moon。
it is more than words。
The crowd onlookers immediately turned out。
soon,Many people started to start,The look of the lookout is revealed.。
have to say,Left small fish will be tempered,Regardless of the body and appearance,A few perfect,People are amazing。
Her face is smile,I can’t say a smart,Great eyes have completed the crescent,Mouth slightly,A pile of small dimples,I can’t wait to be in the arms immediately.。