125,000 square meters, add 600 beds … This regional medical center has new changes

It is reported that the main construction of the second phase of the project is the new medical integrated building, the Science and Education Complex, the underground, etc. The project is to meet the medical needs of 2.5 million people at the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" at the end of China, and increased 600 beds. With the public health emergency treatment center, the infection and public health emergency treatment system is constantly pre-preparations; the third is to build a clinical transformation center of scientific research teaching. It is understood that the Sixth Hospital will force it in the following fields during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period: further based on Shanghai, radiant long triangles, serve the whole country, facing the whole world, and do strong "college science and major comprehensive" six-hospital characteristics, and focus on improving medical treatment Technical level, innovative medical service model, comprehensively improve the quality of medical services; explore new models of discipline development, build orthopedics (including sports medicine), two national sharp peaks, otolaryngology head neck surgery, ultrasonic medical department, emergency medical department Three peaks, general surgery, kidney internal medicine, pharmacy department, four plateau. Sixth Hospital of Langang District focuses on women, emergency first aid disciplines, critical maternal rescue centers, critical pediatric rescue centers, as well as acute trauma, stroke and chest pain treatment centers.

Focus on the development of four special medicine centers, including China’s urinary repair and reconstruction clinical and scientific research centers, blood internal medicine MDS diagnosis and treatment centers, sleep medicine centers, elbow joint function reconstruction and sports medicine centers.

Actively build a national platform, and the Hong Kong Academy key points to undertake medical needs, transformation and industrialization. In the development of the biomedical industry in the Hong Kong, the development of high-standard medical conversion platforms, building a clinical research system, setting research-type wards to vigorously develop clinical research, explore new models of research on Chinese medicine.

Meet high-end talent medical needs in China’s new film area, create a high-level multi-level medical and health checkout operation mode. The Development Time Line of the Sixth Hospital is 12012 as the "5 + 3 + 1" key practical project project of the municipal government, and the East Hospital of Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital opened.

2 February 2021, Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital held the Sixth People’s Hospital, the Sixth People’s Hospital, the Sixth People’s Hospital, Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, was incorporated into Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital. This ceremony is marked with the 8-year Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, which is running for 8 years in the Hignogang. The Sixth People’s Hospital, which has 117 years of history, fully activating the three-level hospital in health services. The longitudinal effects in the system are entered into the new starting point of integrated high quality development. (Source: Pudong Post) (Editor: Chen Chen, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.