Any young Monet, is a dream that Baltis praised by Picasso has done a life to China.

Baltis’s landscape works, which can be seen in China’s landscape spirit.

I hope to show things behind things, that is, show what we can see behind things in this world; it is true.

Do they not do this? They are not only painted in front of them.

That is the true art.

This year, in the exhibition entrance to Bartis, I read this passage, I read this paragraph, a text pursued in the heart of the painter. The industry returned Bartis as a member of the 20th century, but imagined, this stubborn painter will not be happy, he refused to be returned to a genre, and he didn’t like the title of Master. In the twentieth century, Paris, staged a gorgeous art feast, almost all cultural celebrities were all debut. Baltis, born in 1908, grew up in a family who laughed and Hongru, there was no white buth: the ancestors were the Poland aristocrats, parents were painters, and the famous painter Ponar, Drang, Malkay, and like The big poet of the foundation of modern literature is this family.

Baltis in the childhood, it is almost impossible to don’t go into the art.

At the age of thirteen, Baltis also saw Mo’er’s first time, he saw Monet. On that day, Ponar came to Wilong Railway Station to pick us up, he gave us the latest works and take us to take a walk near.

When we came back, I saw a old man with a long white carrier waiting for him.

He is Monet. He is specially seen from Givini to see the latest works in Ponar.

This is in the early 1920s, Monet has died in the past few years.

In the memories of Baltis, the figure of White Carpet Monet is like a signs feathers.

The starting point impression of modern painting is raised in the 19th century, and it is too fast to integrate, even disappeared in other art trends.

The feast is always flowing.

In the twentieth century, when Baltis took the classic, in modern times, his existence was also considered to be an antique in the past.

The roar of industrial and technology madness, accompanied by the rise of various pioneers in the art. The speed of new and old and more frequently, people concluded that traditional conventional paintings have died. In the trend of the slime, the boundaries between artistic creations and commodity production are also fuzzy.

You are your only painter who is interested in this generation. Variety, newly-colored Picasso, but very much appreciate Baltis with the wavefring, others do their best to become Bicasso. Only you, it is better.

Picasso is always afraid, not only calls the greatest painter in the twentieth century, but also said that it means that it is deep and long: Baltis and me, we are a copper coin.

Cocar Tatis evaluated the other party but not so polite: Picasso has a lot of works, but there are also many works not good.

There is a mother and child picture, is his early work & hellip; & hellip; It’s really rhythm. Time is returned 26 years ago, in 1995, the Baltis exhibition was debut in Beijing for the first time.

This is always going back, and there is a lot of painters who have a life or work, and there is a painter such as a hermit, but I wrote a "arrogant to Beijing": I have to go to China for a lifetime. It is necessary to achieve & hellip; & hellip; "Tang Song Dynasty legend", "Dongpo Poetry", "Dai Sao", I don’t want to read; "Journey to the West" has always been my bedside book & hellip; & hellip; but one day I Suddenly discovered, the time has passed, I don’t have a boy, and I have become an eighty-eight-year-old old man. It is now the kind of famous artist’s person, almost everywhere, even in China! Baltis did not have come to China. He thought that China was an hidden situation in a scenic, highly unable to climb, and there was a place where the cactus lived.

Baltis’s admires from Chinese culture, originated in childhood, and runs through his life. At the age of six or 7, parents were placed in the friend of Switzerland village to avoid war. The child born in urban is fascinated by the scenery of the surrounding clouds. Coincidentally, he did not intend to get a book about Chinese art, the picture in the book is similar to the mountain view in front of the mountain. In the horror, I have gave birth to admiration. I would like to collect book information about China. The content is not only calligraphy, engraving, painting, architecture, literature, text, and tool book & hellip; & hellip; interest can be said, Quite, it can be seen that China’s cultural art in his heart is in his heart.

If you don’t look at China’s landscape painting, it is impossible to understand the mountains.

In the eyes of Baltis, Li Cheng, Van Guan, Guo Xi are a great landscape master.

He has got a far-width "snowy winter chart", always can’t help but look at it, and want to come.

Baltis, self-study, Linyi is the way he studied, he said that he was gradually mastered in Linyi. China’s Yuan Dynasty painter, Baltis like Ni Wei, that is, there are still few people who are unhappy, painting, and the pen ink is simple. However, there are many things that are included, it is very deep.

His painting, go back from behind, very surprising. Interestingly, Baltis is also very high in Morandi is the painter that is now decorated with Moradi colorful clothing and home.

But once, I always draw some static bottle of tank cans of Morandi is not fashionable enough, and they were cold in the Western world. Morandi is undoubtedly the European painter closest to Chinese painting. Baltis once said that Morandi’s bottle tank and eight large mountain people’s flowers and birds, there are different songs, and the pen ink is extremely rich, but there is no realm.

I am convinced that more decades, Morandi will be recognized as one of several art masters in the 20th century.

Baltis has undergone Moradie, predicts come true, but why do he have it? Always, Baltis is a low-key artist, even he doesn’t like the words of artists, often saying that he is a painting.

Oriental culture and Western classical in him, leaving a brand, the mirror and light on the canvas, cats and girls, become the image of his life repeatedly, it is also the sincerity of pure and beautiful, and the sincerity of the world, and the darkness of the world And Secret & Hellip; & Hellip; Many painters a life aims to speak self, but he believes that painters should work hard to explain or express themselves: I am hard to let people know, I have been confirming self, conclusion in my painting Yes: I don’t exist.

When Vattis turned, we saw his faces clearer.

(Original title: Bartsheated) Source: Beijing Evening News Author: Yansjing Process Editor: TF065.