Lawyer Zhang Yunyan: Good life is more important than good years

Said a smile. The top 100 elite list.

Believe in the daily life of the circle of friends.

Even so, before going to the airport that day, she took the time to the Nanjing Xuanwu Lake, which was known as the most beautiful track in Asia, and completed a 6 -kilometer rowing. There is an endless energy.

Friends say that she is an alien, who is tired, and will always be full of energy.

The wind and rain on the upside, wearing thorns, staying up late to check the piles of cases of the mountains and the formulation of the proxy plan is commonplace. Essence

As of now, she has two bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degree and degree, one doctoral degree, professional covering many disciplines in English, business management and finance. Innovative scholar.

Just two days ago, she passed the written test and interview with her excellent results.

It has become a lifestyle.

We can learn from people from life and work, and we can also learn from difficulties and frustrations. she says.

Essence She is a senior partner of Beijing Jincheng Tongda Law Firm and a management partner of the Shanghai Branch. Her main practice areas: commercial dispute resolution, investment mergers and acquisitions, and capital markets.

He is currently a consulting expert of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate’s civil administration case, a part -time researcher at the University of Political Science and Law Arbitration Research Institute, the International Chamber of Commerce Mediation Center, the Singapore International Mediation Center, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center, the Shanghai International Arbitration Center, and the Shanghai Arbitration Commission. Because of the same time as a gyroscope, Zhang Yunyan will still find a way to squeeze out time and let go of their footsteps to enjoy life. She likes to travel and has no special time, she strives to use a business opportunity to watch the scenery on the way to work. In order not to affect the work, she can accompany her family. She simply took a business trip with the old and young. She worked and the family looked at the world.

In the work gap, she can also see the fragmented time of stitches, watching movies, sports, painting oil painting, and studying various fashion trends.

Work, to live better.

she says.

Heng’s work and life, Zhang Yunyan smiled, just like the Almighty Girl Gu Ailing, which is both a school bully and a champion. He can sleep for 12 hours a day. This is a reasonable arrangement and energy combination.

As long as the time arrangement is reasonable, life can actually appreciate a lot of different scenery at the same time. The key is to understand how to choose, be enough focus, and make time overall.

In addition, behind Zhang Yunyan’s back, the bird’s nest team has always been the biggest motivation for her relaxing.