This is funny,It is the common property of the Chinese nation。

but,If someone wants to be so precise,Can’t say anything,Can only send two words——“moron”。
Those treasures,Aren’t they all collected from all over the country??Many are the legacy of each dynasty,When did it all belong to the Qing Dynasty royal family?
After Hu Yang and the others leave,News came out of this underground market,《Five Horses》It turned out to be just discovered from them。
For a time,The underground market is lively,Go viral,Are looking for the discovery《Five Horses》People,And sell《Five Horses》’S stall。
but,Populus euphratica,Or Williams has left,They couldn’t find anyone to confirm it anyway,Became a pity for many people。
Williams made a fortune,I have no patience to stay,And he thinks he only needs to serve the rich second generation of Hu Yang,Don’t worry about making money,No need to continue to set up a stall。Second Chinese Network
therefore,Not long after Hu Yang left,He also packs things up,Return to your hotel。
Hu Yang, they got in touch with Wei Zhengyi,Found the way to his house,Came to a nearby village。As expected of Jiangnan,People’s rural areas are pretty rich。
At a glance,All small bungalows,Clean concrete road,There are green crops on both sides,It looks like another harvest year。
The doorway of many people,There are still one or two cars parked,The spirit of the villagers is good。The old man is gathering a crowd in the village to play chess,Kids playing around。
“I go!This is the rhythm of every villa!”
“The villa can’t be said,But it’s really good,This should be a new countryside?”
“Indeed a new countryside,You can see the structure of the house,Very well planned。If it’s not a new countryside,Everyone builds buildings casually,Not like this,Patchwork。”
“Ugh!This new countryside,It’s not our turn to remote places like us!”
“Don’t be sour,Although the new countryside is a state financial subsidy,But most of the money is paid by others。The state subsidy,Even give you,You still can’t build it,Because it’s still a lot worse。”