“This is the pupil space。”The golden puppet laughed softly,“You try to shoot the opposite shadow!”

Li Ming heard,Flick。
A fairy force containing the strongest chaotic array ejected,This chaotic power contains the end of origin,In a burst,Directly bombard the opposite figure。
“what?!”Li Ming was also taken aback,Because a shadow that looks exactly the same as oneself is actually the same action。
The only difference is,The other party uses the way of chaos,On using more ingeniously than Li Ming’s moves。
“This god pupil space,Can easily see through any means you are good at,And form a shadow,So that the shadow has the same ability。”
“You are good at mind,This shadow will also show its strength。You are good at chaos,This shadow also uses methods that contain the way of chaos。”
“The only difference is,The moves performed by the shadow of the pupil,Are all tempered,Some Taoists and even Emperors created,Extremely perfect。And the realm will be half higher than you”Golden armor puppet sighs,“You have now mastered the two strongest ways,Want to combine these two tricks,You can perform two mysterious tricks separately,Combine with each other。This god pupil shadow will go further on its foundation!of course,Once you master the strongest way of fusion, reach the edge,This shadow of the god pupil will help you very little。”
Hear here,Li Ming is already very excited。
God pupil shadow,Equivalent to a slightly stronger version of yourself,Fight with,But he can see his own flaws,At the same time, you can spy on Tao that is slightly stronger than yourself。
Fight with,It will undoubtedly be of great help in practice!
Actually similar means,Was eating the starry universe,The killing space of the virtual universe has a similar effect。
but,The killing space can only guide weak practitioners。This god pupil shadow,At least it’s useful for the powerful Dao Sovereign who has reached the edge of harmony.!
Such a chance,No less valuable than the six-eyed god。
“of course!”Jin Jia talks a turn,“The master left this precious treasure,It’s impossible for you to use it for free。”
“Senior said that the requirement is!”
“Very simple!”Golden armor puppet with a smile,“You should know the Daomeng,I don’t know if you know the mortal enemy of my Dao League—Eternal race?”