“Xuantian Realm is higher than God Realm,Above the mysterious sky is the chaotic void。”

“Then the chaotic void……”
“Too many questions for adults,It’s hard to answer,Remember the previous warning。”Talk about it,The big white hand no longer pays attention to Li Tianzhi,Volley,Submerged in the sky,The black space there is the dense group of ancient temples that he has seen。
Chapter Eighty Seventy One Rent collection
There are still many questions to ask,But the butler who claims to be Xiaoke just left,Li Tianzhen is angry though,But there is no alternative,The supernatural power of a housekeeper in the ancient temple is so profound,Makes him startled,Visible above the sky,How many awesome guys are hidden in those towering buildings?Why are they hiding?
And where are those frozen energy crystals?,How can I solve my own head being so heavy??And the light blue space,Divinity is hidden in it,The butler didn’t mention a word,Such an important thing,Impossible to forget,Li Tianzhen is about to urge his consciousness to check,Suddenly remembered the warning,Have to endure and endure,Give up temporarily。
But no matter what,Shenzang is restored as before,The colorful light field is more dazzling and gorgeous,Although the use of spiritual knowledge is restricted,But it’s better than nothing,And there is a black reel base,There are dozens of brave war puppets available,As long as it doesn’t run into‘Nirvana handkerchief’Such a powerful character,You can protect yourself in this chaotic time and space。
correct,How I came to this chaotic time and space?Freeze has been released,Reappearance,The big hand did not mention this issue,Li Tianzhen is back to the original point of doubt,But still clueless,But it just got a little headache,No longer entangled。
“When let you know,You will know。”
Thinking of that big hand,Li Tianzhen sneered and woke up from contemplation,Sat up,What surprised him was,I don’t feel top-heavy anymore,Can follow,A black shadow came with a strong wind,Li Tianzhen caught off guard,Bang,A heavy object hit his forehead,The huge impact knocked him to the ground again。
Bai Yun Lao Dao leaned on a wooden stick and stood beside Li Tianzhen, panting,He is too nervous,The heart is also extremely contradictory,But the start is very cruel,He must not let Li Tianzhi, who was leaning over Jiuying, leave the purple garden alive,So just after the body’s numbness is relieved,So I found the rope and the big stick。
The old man hesitated,Still removed the wooden frame on Li Tianzhi’s head,Just settled,While still in fierce ideological struggle,The clinker Li Tianzhen suddenly sat up like a corpse,He was so stressed out,It is stable and ruthless。
Li Tianzhen, who has restored the method of the god channel, will not be injured by the mere wooden stick,Just not used to it,The moment the stick hit him,The body protection vitality has been automatically activated,Persevering, Baiyun Lao Dao’s stick is hard and fierce,The impact still knocked him down。
Since it has already started,The old man’s heart is considered to be past,Picked up the rope and started binding Li Tianzhi,Three under five divided into two bundles strong,He has been practicing,This is the first time this kind of black hand,I’m still suffering,In the original plan, I had to come back with a few more sticks.,Completely wiped out Li Tianzhen’s body,Then use Taoism to confine the spirit of Jiuying,Until the brother comes back,Let’s kill this evil thing together。