As for the doctor,Didn’t go see summer,But Sun Mengmeng, which is not far away.。

Can be seen,But I found that Sun Mengmeng’s eyes flashed with tears.,Looking at the summer。
“When can I see it?。”
He is a doctor in Zhongshan Hospital,Nature has also heard of the summer name,But at this moment, I don’t want to see the summer.。
At this time,The door of the meeting room was opened again.。
I saw a few working hospitals in Zhongshan Hospital to carry a bed.,Put it on the left side of the left。
There are air conditioners on the top and left side of the ward.,Although it is winter,But indoors are not cold。
“Well,Look down。Take off the top。”
Everything after everything,Summer said to Yang Haiming。
Yang Hai Ming has focused on nodding,Although there are so many people watching,There are even a lot of female nurses present.,But he did not hesitate。
Take off the top,Red is lying on the bed.。
Summer does not immediately apply,But sitting next to,Stretching in the pulse of Yang Haiming,Eye scatter。
His medical skills,It is difficult for cancer cells who want to remove Yang Haiming.。
So many people watch,He can’t express excessive and simple。
But,He also showed a shocking way.。
And you must immediately see。
A minute,Two minutes,Three minutes passed。
Seeing the summer is always,Move,Silent conference room finally came out of a slight disturbance。
“What are he doing?。”
There are some foreign experts who don’t know much about Chinese medicine.。
“Unclear,It should be a Chinese medicine……Cutting pulse。”
“Day,I feel that he is deliberately delayed,I don’t believe it until now.,Chinese medicine can cure cancer。”
Several foreign experts have nodded。
Not only them。
Those Zhongshan Hospital experts who have never seen the summer,At this moment, it is also blinking.,Don’t believe。
So,Five minutes,Summer,At the same time, one silver needle。
Suddenly shoot。
If you don’t show up,Shooting。
First1691Chapter Almost has already healed
First16http://www.chifeirou.cn91Chapter Almost has already healed?
If,Time for Yang Haiming before the summer,Let everyone have some impatient words。
Then he shot at this moment.,But suddenly caused a slight riot。
He shot……Fast speed。
Be right。