Singapore scholar believes that the West has cognitive falsehoods in China.

  Xinhua News Agency, Berlin, October 23, Singapore International Relations Scholars, before the Foreign Diploma Mashuo said in the interview with German media, the West has a variety of cognitive falsehoods in China, and the West should understand that there is no reason to become a West.

  Ma Kaiko said in an interview with "China Platform" in Germany, the West should not mistaken China needs to move Western mode.

Some people even "really" think that they are more clear than Chinese. This is quite arrogant. This mentality is quite arrogant.

"Chinese people have been raised, but some people in the West say (China) can’t go on this." Talking about Sino-US relations, Ma KaoSo believes that some media "new cold war" said that it is not correct. The real situation is that the United States is rigid, stubborn; at the same time, some people’s confidence seem to be damaged, still think that they are world lighthouse.

  He said that Chinese people feel from historical experience and real life, if there is no strong central government, then the people will suffer.

China will not step in the United States, will not try to transform the world in the way "missionary". The focus of the Chinese government is always better to make our people.