Secretary-General of the Secretary-General of the Sino-Japanese and Korean Cooperation Secretariat Ou Tuan: Communication Cooperation Concept Promotes Common Prosperity

European pointed out that Northeast Asia is complex, covering China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Mongolia, North Korea and other countries. At the same time, although the United States is the country of Northeast Suba, its regional influence cannot be ignored.

Those in the category of Northeast Asia are placed in Northeast Asia, there are world first, second, third largest economies, as well as three world influence countries – China, US, Russia. Northeast Asia is still the only part of the world’s remains, and there is no completely resolved area, plus sensitive gravity nuclear issues, and multiple factors make regional issues very complicated.

However, Northeast Asia has lacks a cooperative mechanism that can cover all countries, institutionalized cooperation mechanisms, so far, China-Japan-Korea cooperation secretariat is the highest level of organisms in this region, so the responsibility is significant. Ocean believes that the friendly exchange history between China and Japan and South Korea is long, and the mutual learning between the Three Kingdoms, the intersection is still the mainstream, and the East Asian culture shared in the Three Kingdoms has inclusive and collapse. But at present, there are some cognitive differences and differences between the three countries.

Faced with these challenges, European said, "We (Secretariat) hopes to be able to focus on the future, although we can’t rewrite history, but we can shape the future, this needs to make the idea of ??cooperation to spread farther.

"In 2011, the establishment of the Secretariat marked a new step in the cooperation mechanism of Sino-Japanese and South Korea, ten years, and the Secretariat made a lot of pragmatic contributions to cooperation in the three countries and launched a group of flagship projects. Among them, the Secretariat hosted by the Sino-Japanese and Korean reporter exchange forum and other activities, providing a mutual mutual, very friendly platform for the reporters of the Three Kingdoms.

Ou Wu said that it is hoped that the media can focus on cooperation and spread more cooperation.

Talking about the specific initiatives of the Secretariat in promoting cooperation in the three countries, the Secretariat will hold the "Three Kingdoms Cooperation International Forum" as soon as possible, invite some of the three countries to be far-sighted, experienced, and influential leaders, former politics, He is currently a leader, as well as some experts with construction trees, and a joint suggestion for promoting cooperation in cooperation between the Three Kingdoms.

In addition, the Secretariat also plans to build three cooperation data harbor, continuously promote the "Youth Ambassador" "Youth Ambassador", "Youth Leaders Summit", and further promote the communication between people And the cooperation between local governments. "We hope to promote the cooperation between the Three Kingdoms, we can jointly maintain regional peace and promote regional prosperity." (Editor: Shen Yuhuan, Wu Sanwei) Sharing let more people see.