Beijing Yanqing "two districts" construction centralized signing of 25 enterprises contract amount 325 billion yuan

People’s Network Beijing December 3 (Yin Xingyun) On December 3, Beijing Yanqing District "two districts" construction project site signing activities held in the House of Zhongguancun Yanqing Park.

At the event, 25 companies were divided into four batches of Zhongguancun Yanqing Garden, Yanqing District Bureau, Beijing World Garden Investment Company and other centralized signing agreements, and sign a contract billion yuan, on-site, cover Yanqing Modern gardening, ice and snow sports, new energy and energy Internet, 19 high-quality projects in the four key industries in the United States enters the park Zhongguancun Yanqing Park, 7 help Yanqing "two districts" construction characteristic industries – the strategic cooperation project of the literature industry Settlement to Yanqing.

The signing project has both a number of digital projects based on key cultivation industries, accelerating industrial agglomeration, and serving Winter Olympics, is committed to hydrogen energy projects in carbon neutralization carbon peaks. The cultural project of the gold medal, the project covers a wide range of wells, the investment is high, the industry is high, and the potential to drive, will inject strong power for Yanqing high quality green development.

In the event, Wei Tui, Director of the "Two District" Office Supervision and Assessment Office, Wei Tui, is deeply interpreted by the relevant functional departments and participating companies in Yanqing District, and the promotion of the "two districts" construction reform and innovation practice case copy promotion, fully introduced advanced in various fields. Practices and typical cases have a very important guiding significance for the construction of "two districts" in the future.

Since the construction of the "two districts" Development, focusing on a number of key project construction, has achieved remarkable results as of November this year, Zhongguancun Yanqing Park introduced 990 enterprises, including new energy and energy-saving and environmental protection, gardening technology, sports technology, drone four key cultivation industries introduced into the company 201, high-tech enterprises have reached 490, which is 10 times higher than the "13th Five", and the total income increases by 22%.

Introducing 5 star hotels in Crowne Plaza, Marriott, 4 star hotels, 6 hotels in Hilton, 6 hotel brand gathering, 4 star hotels No. 5 (second only to Chaoyang, Haidian, Dongcheng, Xicheng), Ecology The 1st of the Cultural Area. Winter Olympics, the World, the Great Wall, the four major boutique branches of the mountains and water realize the whole domain layout, the construction of 420 people in the housing, 2 boutique people selected the first batch of B & Bs in the country (only this city only).

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