Hou Yongyong has returned to the team and started training. Li Ke is about to return to China

Hou Yongyong returned to the team and had started training alone.

The National Security Club’s Weibo screenshot of the Beijing News (Reporter Zhou Xiao) Following Hou Yongyong’s return to the team to conduct separate training, another naturalized player Li Ke in Beijing Guoan will return to China on April 21.

For two naturalized players, getting rid of the shadow of injuries as soon as possible is their primary goal.

In the past two seasons, Hou Yongyong has been troubled by knee injuries. In October 2020, he left the area in advance due to injuries and returned to Norway for surgery. In the summer of 2021, he underwent second surgical treatment and absent from the National Security Team’s entire season. Contest. Fortunately, the long road to rehabilitation does not affect Hou Yongyong’s mentality. He said on his personal social platform: "I believe that when I return to the field, it will become better than before." After the winter training starts this year Time arrangement Hou Yongyong’s return trip.

On March 31, Hou Yongyong returned to China. After receiving the observation of medical treatment in the country, he returned to the team on April 20.

Although he only conducted a transmission and simple ball training that day, according to the Guoan Medical Group, his recovery was better than expected, and he should be able to practice with the team soon. On the day of Hou Yongyong’s return to the team, Li Ke also posted information on his personal social platform that he would return to China on the 21st. Last year, Li Ya was selected as the list of the Chinese Men’s Football National Team in the 40s, but only once replaced it. Due to the trouble of ankle tube syndrome, Li Ke’s 2021 season also ended in advance. He returned to Britain for surgical treatment and stayed in the UK for recovery after surgery. In addition to the return of two naturalized players, South Korean foreign aid Jiang Xiangyou has met with the Guoan team. Adele and Mimishevic have arrived in China and are being isolated. As the new season of the Chinese Super League has not been determined, they still have time and time with them. The team runs in. The school is against Li Lijun.