Psychological factors of female apathy

Psychological factors of female apathy

Sexual apathy, which is one of the sexual dysfunctions or disorders, is also called lack of sexuality or coldness. It is a common sexual dysfunction in women.

It is mainly manifested by women’s lack of sexual desire, no requirements for sexual life, indifference to sexual intercourse, dislike or disgust, and feeling fear, discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse.

  Some people do not voluntarily avoid sexual intercourse, but they cannot make proper sexual response during sexual intercourse, lack of pleasure, or the pleasure is not obvious and unsatisfactory.

Some women do n’t even know what sexual pleasure is, and they have never experienced orgasm.

  In different countries and regions, the proportion of women who have never experienced or rarely experienced orgasm varies widely, ranging from 10% to 90%.

  In most places, more than 25% of women have had or remain sexually cold.

Only a few women have reached orgasm almost every time during sexual intercourse, and about half of them have more or less experienced orgasms.

Some women are uncomfortable with sex when they first marry and feel unpleasant or dissatisfied.

  Because of the gradual lapse of time and the harmonious sex life of husband and wife, the pleasure experience will increase.

Only when there is no sexual desire, or although there is sexual desire, but it does not produce pleasure for a long time or is very weak, so it is sexual indifference that is not interested in sex life.

  The six psychological factors of women’s sexual indifference are as follows: First, due to improper childhood education, psychological trauma caused by sexual harassment, religious influence or adult role models, etc., they form prejudice against sexual life, such as sexual intercourse is considered to be inferior and sexual immoralityJie ‘s behavior is a kind of evil, which is “a man is happy, a woman suffers”, and thus has an aversion, resentment, and fear of sex.

  Second, lack of sexual knowledge, fear of sexual intercourse, fear of sexual intercourse will cause pain, or do not understand the psychological differences between men and women. On the wedding night, the man acted violently and irritably, quickly reached orgasm and ejaculated, but the woman did not experience pleasure.On the contrary, it also feels discomfort or pain, and even causes vaginal obstruction.

Over time, you will become more and more indifferent to sex.

  Third, worrying about pregnancy, fear, and lack of reliable contraception prevent normal sexual gratification and cause sexual apathy.

  Fourth, poor living conditions, interference with sexual life, unhappy mood, and lack of concentration can hardly stimulate sexual excitement.

  Fifth, the husband and wife are not in harmony, do not trust each other, suspect or dislike each other, and cannot produce sexual excitement.

  Sixth, the woman has a serious masturbation habit, the pleasure is not strong enough during sexual intercourse after marriage, or the man has sexual dysfunction such as impotence, premature ejaculation, and the woman cannot get sexual satisfaction.

  For women’s sexual apathy, it is necessary to correct in many ways.

Both husband and wife must understand the knowledge of sexual physiology and sexual psychology, master the different characteristics of sexual desire and sexual excitement of men and women, understand the meaning of sexual life for people’s normal life and development, and replace the bias and misunderstanding of sexual life.

  Actively improve the relationship between husband and wife, eliminate the psychological barrier and various negative emotions between husband and wife, coordinate the rhythm of sexual life, cooperate with each other, and understand each other.

The man should not be irritable and rude, but should help the woman to gradually achieve orgasm.