Yan Xiaoyi made a begging gesture,Han Genji can no longer stop……

Yan Xiaoyi walked out alone,Didn’t come back until the evening,Also alone。
Xiang Chen and others are in the lobby of the inn,Just simply greeted everyone,Yan Xiaoyi said he was a little tired。
Everyone didn’t catch up to ask,Until soon Yao Yao walked into the inn。
“I followed him all the way,His wallet was stolen in the street,The phone on the bus was stolen again。I start to admire his calmness now!”
Yao Yao is talking,Put Yan Xiaoyi’s wallet and mobile phone on the desk at the front desk,Keep track of this,Naturally it cannot appear in time,I can only find a chance to return these things to Yan Xiaoyi。
Everyone is silent,I seem to be used to the fixed expression on Yan Xiaoyi’s face。
Suddenly Yan Xiaoyi’s cry came from the bathroom,Shocked the two girls Xiangyang and Mo Mo,Han Geunji and Xiangchen rushed into the bathroom for the first time。
“Nothing,I just squeezed too much toothpaste,A little distressed……”
bathroom,In the illuminated mirror,Yan Xiaoyi looks a little embarrassed……
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Nine Goodbye Wang Yufei
As an emotional animal,Whether it is happy or sad,Maybe they all need to be vented。
After Yan Xiaoyi cried a lot because he squeezed too much toothpaste,His whole person’s mood is obviously much better。
Take down the simple shelter you built temporarily,Move into the room Yao Yao prepared for him,Coincides with the approaching new year,It seems that everything is starting to meet a brand new scene,If it weren’t for Wang Yufei to show up at the door of the inn early in the morning。
Mo Mo and Xiangyang have seen the woman standing at the door,After all, at the food court that day,The heroine is the only one。
“She definitely didn’t come to us!”
Mo Mo and Xiangyang looked at each other,Or Mo Mo said something first,Just a bitter tone,Deep in the sun。
Xiangyang did not speak,But the posture of wanting to help,It’s irritating enough。