So during this time Su Ran also took good care of Fan Lao,Fan also felt very moved,I feel that I have taken care of Su Ran for so many years,In the end, I really received a certain return。

Because Su Ran is really taking care of her grandfather,After Xiao Fan came back, he found that Old Fan’s complexion improved a lot,It’s the same as usual, so don’t worry。
And formulate some medicinal meals for Mr. Fan,You can go back。Because Xiao Fan hasn’t seen Lin Yoona for a long time recently,And didn’t go back to Lin’s house,Look at Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng。
Although the two of them have always said that they understand the work of Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner,It’s okay if they don’t go back,But you always have to be filial,And it’s not reasonable for them to go back for so long.。
After Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner moved out,,I said I would go home to visit them often,But there are so many things recently。
Whether it’s him or Lin Yoona,Are busy with their own business,So there was no time to go back to Lin’s house,This time he should have been back to Lin’s house with Lin Yuner for a while,Otherwise, it will really fall into the name of unfilial piety。
Although Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng never complained to them,But Xiao Fan feels sorry,After all, they married their most precious daughter to themselves。
And let them live their lives empathetically,Not staying with them,Thought of here,Xiao Fan thinks he should go back with Lin Yun’er。
Then he had dinner at the villa,Because Fan Lao wants to keep Xiao Fan here to talk about something,Let him go back the next day。But Xiao Fan said he had to go back after dinner。
After all, I have to discuss with Lin Yoona when to return to Lin’s house,Organize your work well these days,Then I should take a short rest。
Although it’s been a while since the last time I went to travel,But Xiao Fan still feels that sometimes it is better to give Lin Yuner some space,Let him stay with Lin Yuna。
Can’t be like before,I should spend more time with my loved ones,Otherwise, I don’t know when there may be no chance,It may be too late to regret at that time。
So I also want to grasp the happiness around me,I can cherish the one I love,I can also cherish the happiness around me。When having dinner at the villa,Xiao Fan talked a lot with Fan Lao。
Because Su Ran hasn’t returned to the base,Stay in the villa,Fan Lao meant to tell Xiao Fan not to tell Su Ran other things for now,So be it。
Wait until the two of them to investigate who is the last killer of Su Ran’s parents,They have been investigating this matter all these years,But there seems to be no good progress。
It’s always that information,But just rely on the information to find out nothing at all,So we should also handle this matter well,Xiao Fan also agreed。
Chapter six hundred and two Ready to return to Lin’s house