Qian Yu is his brother,Can’t it be dissuaded??Let’s look at the file quickly,It’s impossible to get off work early these days,I hope you don’t work overtime。

Secretary Lee’s prayers did not come true,Not only can’t get off work early these days,Overtime for nearly half a year,Huo Yun and this crazy work attitude eased,Their life is better。
Huo Yunhe stared at the screen indifferently,She was thin at a glance,The cheeks that were slightly fat when I was with him,There is no more flesh,Pointed chin,Become a net red awl face。
I made myself like this in more than three months,willow,Is this the happiness you want?
Today’s weather is good,Most women wear slim shirts with exposed arms and legs,She is wearing fat casual clothes,Is it to cover up the raised belly??
Huo Yunhe exudes bursts of cold air,Never feel the warmth of the sun anymore,The face rises with layers of smog,I almost can’t see my skin color,The big, well-knotted hands can’t help but tighten,Smashed on the table bitterly。
When they are happy together,Never forget to remind him to take measures,he loves her,Can’t bear her suffering,Even if it’s uncomfortable,Will also cooperate。
But she turned around,You can indulge other men,She’s still pregnant,Did she.Never loved him?
This terrible idea appeared,Can’t take it anymore,The more I think the more I feel,Otherwise I can’t explain how the baby in her belly came!
Yiyi ah Yiyi,I treat you with all my heart,Never gave you any grievances,If you don’t love me,Why be with me?
Deceive my feelings,Are you so happy?
Do not,Will not,Yiyi loves me,She just drank too much,Was ruined by Zhou Chengyu’s beast,Her heart didn’t betray me,No!
There are two little people in my head tearing,Each speaks its own reason,Take turns to have the upper hand,So noisy,He is going to collapse!
The phone on the table rang again,But he just won’t answer,The bell rings over and over again,Like that tangled emotion,Insanity,Torment his heart all the time。
Without his permission,No one dared to let her up,She has been waiting in the lobby,No water to drink,No food to eat,Have to bear the guidance of everyone。
Do that shameless thing,It’s right to be humiliated,But what’s going on with this needle-like feeling in my heart?
Two hours passed,She was still sitting there steadily,Stress resistance is good,Eyes still,Did not shrink from being coldly received。
She begged herself for other men,How much humiliation you suffer has nothing to do with yourself,Correct,They are ok,She has nothing to do with him。
Saying that they are ok,I also warned myself not to care about her,But the action is not in line with the thought。