“Oh!What okay!In this case,You go buy it!Don’t worry about where your dad is,He is this person,Afraid of poverty,A little money tight“Sun Yuejuan said,Went back to the kitchen。

Xia Jian stood at the door of the house,Long time no movement,Xiping Village is really too poor,Not even a motorcycle,It looks like he will break the record here,When he read the newspaper the other day,Villagers in the south,Are driving cars。
First0151chapter He Jing
Diversion project is nearing completion,As soon as the water house at the east end of the village is built,The water can advance to the village,Solved the occasion of burning eyebrows,Re-separated entry,For this,Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong almost quarreled。
Ouyang Hong means,As long as water can be introduced into the village,Has broken the famine and rewritten history,There is no need to be like a city person,Lead water to home,Of course her intention is to save costs。
But Xia Jian didn’t think so,His purpose,I just want people from Xiping Village,Live a life like a city man,Every family tap water,Every family has a color TV,This is the goal he set for himself,This requires money,At last,Under Xia Jian’s insistence,Ouyang Hong finally made a concession。
“President Xia,Every family has different requirements,There is a faucet,There are also two,Anyway, there are many tricks,It seems that the village helped them get water into their homes,Anyway, the more convenient the better“Chen Erniu with a notebook in his hand,Draw with a pen,And said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian snorted coldly:“What is your iq,I told you,Our village committee is only responsible for water to the gate of every household,To pick up in the yard,can,At your own expense,Pick a few,How long,This is their business,But register in advance,Reserve water outlet,It’s too late,Understand now“Xia Jian knocked on the table,Teach Chen Erniu。
“Oh!So!I finally understand,Sister Song Fang,And Mo Yan,The three of us are going to run this,Must register today,Let’s ignore it after today,Once the drawing is set,Hard to change“Chen Erniu said,Hold the notebook and walk out。
Song Fang shrugged and said:“Let’s go, Mo Yan,Director Chen has all been tasked”
Mo Yan helped her glasses and said:“You go first!There are cars in the city today,I’m going to the greenhouse in a while”
Xia Jian asked Zhao Hongdao:“How is the sales of the greenhouse these months?And when will the expansion of the greenhouse be completed?Keep people watching,and also,Hurry up and ask Song Fang to sign the agreement with Wang Degui’s house,Since they agreed to this,This matter can’t be delayed,I’m going to the city today”