The whole hospital seemed to be shaken,All important channels、elevator、Suddenly a lot of people appeared at the entrances of the building,These people dress up*,But all act quickly、The sharp-eyed,Especially the main outpatient building,The front and rear gates and side gates are surrounded by water.,The door of the hospital is even more like an enemy,Just set up a checkpoint。

According to the time when Li Tianzhen left,,The probability that he can leave the outpatient building smoothly is extremely low,Unless you run around as soon as you leave the gate of the medical examination center,But that is impossible,Such behavior will definitely attract the attention of peripheral surveillance personnel,So Xu Wen judged,Li Tianzhi is still in the building。
This is a headache,But Xu Wen’s heart has some faint expectations,Once the narrow road meets,He really wants to learn about Li Tianzhu’s true ability again,After several years,He has been verifying that the other party is‘Ranger’The authenticity of former shadow members,Is its growth rate as amazing as the legend??
The headache is Shin Yingjie next to him,Now it is a joint mission of multiple units,Don’t make any moths,Once caught by someone,Even if the instructor is there。
‘Mane rat’Has disappeared,I should have found the trace of Li Tianzhi,Otherwise, he won’t leave without authorization,Xu Wen looked at Shen Yingjie,Still didn’t avoid her,“‘Mane rat’Report your location。”
“Fifth floor,Tung Tau Fire Exit,Target is missing。”
Upstairs?Xu Wen was surprised,I didn’t understand what Li Tianzhi means,Is he going to hide and seek with everyone in the outpatient building??He doesn’t think the other party will be so boring,But he trusts‘Mane rat’Ability,After a little thought,Immediately issued a series of orders,Mobilized up to six or seven peripheral teams,The main idea is to block Li Tianti in the fire escape,Bottom to top,Push him upstairs one by one,Outpatient building up to nine floors,Must compress his activity space。
When Xu Wen gave the order, he intentionally turned on the shared frequency band authorized by the command.,Let the man in charge can hear clearly,The purpose is to make him know,It’s so convenient,Shen Yingjie’s heart becomes cooler as she listens,I didn’t expect Li Tianzhen to be discovered so quickly,I also hate Xu Wen’s use of this almost rogue oppressive method,Six or seven groups move together,Will push Li Tianzhen to the top floor soon,Nowhere to escape,But she can do nothing,People are performing tasks,Can’t fault the slightest。
At this time, the corner of the fire exit on the west side of the fourth floor of the outpatient building,Li Tianzhen is stuffing a lit cigarette in‘Mane rat’In the mouth,“Thank you,brothers,Thank you for everything,Just feel wronged。”
‘Mane rat’Dumbfounding,He was tied to the maintenance well,Wearing a white coat that doctors often wear,Fang Wenda’s employee badge is also pinned to the left chest,And all the coats on my body are on Li Tianzhi,Including weapons、Headset、Intercom and other equipment,All the brains were collected,Just answered Xu Wen,Li Tianzhen imitated his voice,Reality makes him unbelievable。
Li Tianchou in front of us,The face mold is still Fang Wenda’s appearance,Can’t see even the slightest flaw,but‘Mane rat’I believe this person is 100% Li Tianzhi,The other party’s words,He can understand,And live and die together,Breath characteristics can never be wrong。
“brothers,Don’t pretend to be calm,You think you can really escape?”Seeing that Li Tianzhen has no intention of leaving,‘Mane rat’Very surprised,Deliberately provoke him,Let him know how great,Even if Qiao Zhuang is re-dressed,It’s hard to escape from a hospital like a barrel。
“Thanks for reminding,I still want to ask something,You follow‘Blood shadow’when,Did you find a person named Song Xiaotong in the hostage??She is a director of Yuxing Group。”
“No。”‘Mane rat’Decisive answer,He has heard of Yuxing,I also know Song Xiaotong,But not like Shen Yingjie、Wu Fang was so familiar with the collection of Li Tianzhen,I don’t even know the importance of this person to Li Tianzhi,Although it is suspected that there may be hostages in the Iveco car that left the major hub in Gan Province at that time,But doppelganger,Can only give up one,But this clue should not have been completely ignored,Believe‘Pigeon’Have been following,But so far there is no update news。
“it is good,We will have a period later。”Li Tianzhen is also very simple,Pat‘Mane rat’Turned his shoulders and left,He sincerely thanked this former partner,Rescued his family in distress,Such a great favor cannot be expressed in words of thanks,Only return in the future。
Seeing all my family members are safe and sound,Li Tianzhi feels relieved,They are all in the hands of officials,Nothing to worry about,I’m going to find Zhang Zhiqiang now,Find news about Xiao Song and Huaishan’s wife and children,I won’t finish these three things,He won’t get caught。
Why‘Mane rat’Bundled like this,I don’t want the other party to be too hard to do,Even if the person yells after turning around,He won’t blame each other。
Just down half a flight of stairs,The look on Li Tianzhen’s face changed dramatically,From skin color to touch is changing rapidly,Soon became exactly the same‘Mane rat’s face,He used Green Light’s ability to simulate reality again,This ability is extremely mentally exhausting,You can use it up to two or three times a day,The advantage is that it can be mobilized continuously,There is no cooling time in between。
“You should communicate with the instructor,ask him‘Pigeon’What’s going on?”Upstairs‘Mane rat’the sound of,After repeated consideration,He still gave Li Tianzhi the direction。