Port Area: Let the national unity progressive flowers

There are 28 ethnic minorities such as the Harbor Region of the Fangchenggang City, there are 28 minorities including the strong, Yao and Beijing, and the population of the minority, accounting for the total population. Since 2021, the port area has been pragmatically developed and improves people’s livelihood, and focus on promoting the people’s well-being as a starting point, promoting national unity and progress, and achieve common prosperity.

The creation of national unity and progressive work will promote the creation of national unity and progress in the port area. The port area has been widely carried out in-depth national unity and creation activities (units), township (village), corporate (park), street (community), school, religious event venue, military (police) battalion, scenic spots, etc. Creating work covers all domains, all aspects.

Recommended 10 units such as Guangchao Town to participate in the third batch of municipal national unity and improvement demonstration zones (units), recommend port, district tax bureaus and other 4 units to participate in the fifth batch of national unity progressive demonstration zones (units).

This year, I organized the study of the national unity and demonstration point of the national national unity and demonstration, the national national unity model collective welfare town, Liuzhou and Nanning conducted a study, learning their advanced work experience, combined with the actual situation in the port area. Do a good job in creating demonstration points. Strengthen the construction of minority cadres.

In the Guangxi University for Nationalities, the special training class for minority cadres, further strengthen the ideal beliefs of minority cadres, and earnestly enhance the overall quality of minority cadres.

Steadily promote the social governance of national unity.

The port area has implemented the national policies of the party and the country, so that the legitimate rights and interests of the ethnic minorities have been fully guaranteed, and this year, a total of 17 eligible citizens will pretend to change national ingredients.

Relying on minority mobile population service stations to further build a variety of ethnic partial exchanges exchange integration platforms. Establish a contradiction between multi-sectoral participation in public security and people, and the coordination of national unity. The consolidation of the poverty campaign is effective with the village revitalization. Since this year, the port area has used the minority development funds issued by the central and autonomous regions to implement the two irrigation channels of Guangshi Town and the brightization project of the Xinshan New Village, solving the masses. Irrigation and travel brightization, benefiting 2,698 people. Gathering the national unity and power to help the rural resolution closely around the unity and harmony of all ethnic groups, joint development and the goals of the happiness, and the port district gathering the national unity and strength vigorously promotes the depletion of poverty and rural revitalization.

First, vigorously implement the rural style improvement project.

Push the mountain new, Hongsha and other demonstration villages enter the village, village hardening, housing facade transformation, ancient street trails, road light lighting and other infrastructure construction. Building a country with national characteristic village cultural squares and cultural promenade, exquisite, easy-to-understand wall painting and landscape publicity column (card), vigorously cultivated national unity and civilized fashion.

Since 2021, more than 40 volunteer services such as rural environmental health governance have been carried out. The number of volunteers reached more than 1,000, and the rural residential environment is increasingly optimized; the second is to carry out public opinion guidance and create a harmonious atmosphere of national unity.

Integrate cultural position resources, form a cultural volunteer service team, carry out theoretical preaching, cultural literary performances, actively promote socialist core values, national unity and other content, and constantly enrich the cultural life of all nationalities; Strengthen the development of industries.

Vigorously developed a traditional aquaculture industry in Caucasus, Red Shots, Sea Red Rice, Dawney, Shrimp, Light Po Chicken, Explore "Enterprise + Village Collective + Cooperative + Farmers + Tourism" development model, vigorously develop Binhai Rural Tourism The happiness of various village collective economies and all the masses of all ethnic groups will continue to enhance the well-being.

The national cultural local characteristic brand port area puts the whole process of promoting local excellent traditional culture into the whole process of promoting national unity and progress, leading the people to respect each other, appreciate each other, learn each other, learn from each other, use cultural power to infiltrate the heart, lead Fashion. In-depth cultural connotation of the ancient fishing port, etc. The deep friendship of a family. Traditional performance activities such as "March 3", Sacrifice Ceremony, Robber Competition, and the city’s national traditional feature activities, effectively enhance the people’s people with the majority of tourists national unity, further inheritance Non-legacy culture, showing folk culture, the resurrection of nationally decided root pulse, consolidating the national unity and harmonious mass thoughts found.

(Zhu Jian, Li Linxia) (Editor: Zhou Yule, Ye Bin) Share let more people see.