Turquay County: More than 30,000 volunteers online warming lines are moving

  "If there is no doctor in the" animal husbandry 120 "service center, my cow can’t afford it." Liu Fengying, a villager of Taihe Village, Liutian Town, Turquay County.

  It turned out that Liu Fengying’s cow has reached the expected date of birth, but it is delayed that cattle has signs of production, and Liu Fengying, who is eager to make a long-term telephone number of the "Animal Husbandry 120" service center in Tumu County. The veterinarian Zhang Xiaoluan put down the phone and hurriedly arrived at her home. "Her cow is a cervical neck, can only pass surgery, so that the size of the two cattle can be maintained.

"After nearly 4 hours of treatment, Liu Fengying’s cattle is full. The masses" order ", volunteers" on the dishes ".

Buduxian County Development New Age Civilization Practice Volunteer Service "Point" system , Civilization Practice Center online volunteer service platform, county party secretary WeChat box, 5123456 hotline, party group heart, WeChat group, "Mass service platform" WeChat applet, etc. "online + off underline" form, to create mobile, The interactive service platform promotes the two-way interactive interaction between volunteer service and the mass needs. This year, Buduxian County will combine party history education and rural resonance, service masses "six projects, six to village households" work, relying on the New Times Civilization Practice Center, New Times Civilization Practice Station, Base and 606 "8 + N "The volunteer service team 34593 volunteers, in-depth development" I have a practical thing for the people ", focusing on" I am a Communist Party member · I will help you "" I am a common blue member · I will help you "" I am a volunteer service · who I can help you "and other volunteer activities, has accepted the demand of the masses 6609, settles 6487,% completion rate, open up the propaganda among the masses, guide the masses, serve the masses," the last kilometer. " "Today, I brought you to the green onions in our rebufu County. These green onions are green, no pollution, and they do not apply fertilizers …" In the vegetable greenhouse of the village of Xinlong Village, Taiping Township, e Supply and Market The staff of the Zhongjie Electric Business Platform is conducting live goods. At the moment, it is the peak season of the chives, and the Sales of the onion in Xinlong Village is single. Many farmers’ live onions are not ideal. When the party member volunteer Fang Long hosted, I found out such a problem. After many ways to communicate, Fanglong found the E-supplying China Jiaoi Platform.

  "We passed the online shopping mall, live broadcast platform, WeChat community, village service site, in just a few minutes, Xinlong Village’s chives reached a few hundred pounds.

Next, we will continue to sell online, helping farmers sell green onions and increasingly increasingly. "E Supply and marketing China Jiaoi Platform Manager Wang Yanfu said. The new era civilization practice volunteer service is to be a stringing, connected into blocks, finger into a box, form a gathering benefit, and start a service brand.

  "Now our silver flower village base cow reservoirs are roughly more than 760, I have experience, helping new farmers to develop industries, really raising the nurses, let the people eat a fixed pill." The villagers are in Taiping Township Yinhua Village Huang Yinchang, volunteer of guidance technology, said.

  These two days, the villagers Li Xichun’s basic cow frequently produced, and Huang Yinchang, who can’t rest assured, hurriedly came to see the nursing care of the cow. Today, Tenhu County, more than 10,000 registered volunteers are like a torch flowing. Where is it to illuminate, pass the warmth and movement.

(Inner Mongolia Daily Heading Media Reporter Hu Ji Qigin) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze).